Windproof Stop Protect Clips, Self Adhesive Shower Curtain Clips Splash

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  • ADVANTAGE:Simple and effective clip holding a safe shower curtain on the wall.

  • DESIGN:Installation is very simple, no tools to install, you only need to peel after the paste can be.

  • MATERIAL:Matte Surface, The high quality tape keeps the clip on the wall.

  • These handy Clips hold shower curtain liners against the wall, keeping water from splashing out onto the floor. Suitable for cloth shower curtains and fabric shower curtains.


  • If you have older children or teens who often splash and leave a mess after their showers, then this is THE accessory you need. and you'll have you problem solved.
  • These clips holds the shower curtains well. And the adhesive on the back of the clips holds very strongly, but you mount them correctly the first time.
  • Using for shower curtain in camper, Holds the curtain close to shower wall in RV, helps minimize any water leakage on to floor.A must have for all campers!
  • They are of a good tension, not too tight and not too loose. Putting the plastic curtain liner in and out of the clips is rough on thin plastic so you may want to use a sturdy thicker plastic curtain or another fabric line a cotton liner.Shower Splash Guard Curtain Clip installation

Installation step 1
Applies to smooth walls, Cleaned areas with alcohol and waited until dry .
If shower walls are not smooth so can used some clear silicone caulking around the sides after sticking them to the wall.
Installation step 2
They come with adhesive tape already to go for easy application.The sticker on it is super strong.
You do have to make sure you position it correctly the first time,and did tape them down for a day before use.
You can use 2 sets. One near the top of the shower and another set down lower.
The opening of the clip faces the direction of the shower curtain.
When placing the clips, make sure you place them exactly where you want them, because they stick on quickly.
These clips are the best to keep those shower curtains in place.

Easy to install and easy to use.
These work great to keep the shower curtain close to the wall to prevent leakage.

  • Matte Surface, The high quality tape keeps the clip on the wall.
  • The adhesive is very strong but the curtain itself is easy to remove to open.
  • They work great for keeping the water in the tub and not on the floor.

Using an environment
It is recommended to use sturdy thicker plastic curtains or another fabric line a cotton liner.

  • You can use it in family bathroom or small home shower.
  • You can use it in campers or RV.

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches