Waterproof Vacuum Sealed Half Leg Cast Cover

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  • It is IMPORTANT to following sizing instructions. Vacuum seal will not work unless the opening of the cover fits tight around the skin above the cast.

  • Circumference: Small:10"- 13" (25-33 cm). HL-13   Large:13" up(33 cm) HL-15

  • Length: Small:21" (53 cm)    Large:23.5 "(59 cm)** If the cover is too long simply bunch up the extra material and pump out all the air. The extra latex will shrink down and conform to the shape of the users leg removing all extra length.

  • Safe in saltwater and freshwater environments

  • Completely waterproof; bathe, shower, and swim

  • Watch the video at the top for sizing help

  • WARNING - Do not use if unable to create a snug vacuum seal.

  • Made in the USA

  • Applying hosiery over the cast will allow the cover to slide easily.

Details: Completely waterproof patented protection for below-the-knee casts and wounds. Comes with pump to create a vacuum-seal. Bathe, shower, or even swim without worry of infection or damage to your cast or other arm or leg wound. The special non-skid grid protects the sole and helps prevent slipping


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