Universal Replacement Feet Walker Ski Glides, Provides Safety, Stability (1-Pair)

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL WALKERS: Allowing for smooth, easy mobility, the Vive walker ski glides are universally sized to easily attach to all walker styles. The curved ski glides securely slide into place, with a post diameter between 7/8" minimum and 1 1/8. Navigate over carpet, tile, pavement or concrete without dragging your walker or using unsightly tennis balls. This set of two walker ski glides also includes two velour glide covers for indoor use.

  • SUITABLE FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Safely maneuver indoors and out with the smooth walker ski glides. Great for concrete sidewalks, pavement and blacktop, the scratch-resistant walker glides provide additional stability on any surface.

  • CURVED TIPS WITH VELOUR COVERS: The inclined ski tips easily glide over door jams, rugs and from tile to carpet. Two velour glide covers are included for indoor use. These covers provide additional protection against snags and scratches when moving from outdoors to indoors.

  • DURABLE COMPOSITE GLIDES: Constructed with a strong composite material, the thick walker ski glides are durable for extensive use. The smooth glides reduce noise and will not scratch hard surfaces or snag carpets or rugs.


Walker Ski Glides
Safely maneuver over any surface with the walker ski glides. Compatible with all walkers, the glides reduce noise and provide additional stability when navigating rough or uneven surfaces. The scratch-resistant ski glides are durable for extensive use, indoors or out. This set also includes two velour covers for added protections against snags and scratches.

What's Included:

  • Walker Ski Glides - one pair
  • Velour Ski Glide Covers

Package Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.1 x 2.3 inches

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