Twin Block Pro - Headache, Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain Relief

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  • Performs Sub-Occipital Release for Tension and Stress Headaches. Tension/Stress Headaches almost always form a band of pain/pressure above both ears - in the same location that a headband is worn, and/or are felt at the top of the head. Please see the Pain Diagram on this listing. If you are unsure if your headache is a Tension Headache, see your local PT, in many cases they will provide free evaluations at no cost.

  • Our products are not made from hard plastic, but they are made of a firm thick walled premium synthetic rubber. Softer than a lacrosse ball, Massage Blocks are serious Manual Massage Tools for deep trigger point therapy.

  • Into sports massage? Massage Blocks are like Foam Rollers for the rest of your body. Not for the faint of heart, if you like a "heavy handed" massage you will love our tools.

  • For those with Headaches: If the idea of pressing two semi-hard pieces of synthetic rubber into the back of your neck at the base of your skull does not seem appealing, please do NOT buy this product. Our returns are predominantly from customers who are either not patient enough to allow the tool to do its work or are unable to withstand the high-intensity (initial pain) of the deep tissue release. Be sure to read our Product Guide and watch our online videos before using our tools.



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