Travel Pillow for Kids, Travel Accessories Inflatable Footrest Travel Bed

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  • BEST SOLUTION: Taking leg rest with you when you travel with your kid makes your journey no longer miserable. With leg rest pillow, kid will feel comfortable to lay down, rest or sleep on it. Your kid is gonna love it and have a sweet dream during the entire flight.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Weighing only 12 oz, this 17" x 13" x 20" inflatable leg pillows can be folded and fit into a small storage bag.

  • TOTALLY SAFE: The kids' leg travel pillow passes all the required CPSIA tests. The matierial, which is made of high quality PVC is totally safe for kids to use.

  • EASY TO INFLATE: You can using plane's air vent above your seat to inflate the WapWap travel bed for kids.



In order for you to have a great experience with our Leg Rest Pillow, before you take it to the flight, please try inflating it at home, to check if it leaks. If so, contact us through email. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Make Economy feel like FIRST CLASS for your Kids.

Every travelling parent knows all too well about the trials and tribulations of flying long-haul with kids. We recommend you wapwap Inflatable Leg Rest Travel Pillow for Kids encourage your kid to sleep most of the hours in the air.

The Inflatable Leg Pillow that fills the legroom gap on the airplane, effectively turning your child's economy seat into a flatbed. When deflated, our Bed Box is small enough to squeeze into your hand luggage bag.

SAFE materials!

The Kids' Leg Rest Pillow has passed through multiple CPSIA tests in CPSC accredited lab. Your kid's safety is our highest concern.

Super EASY to inflate.

You have two options: on most of the aircraft, you can use the overhead air vent to force air into the pillow. Or, you can simply do it by mouth.

This is the perfect solution to stop your kids from kicking the seat in front, or crying during the long distance flight.

Perfect for finding the most comfortable position on long journey