Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening, Bath Kneeler for Baby Bath, Kneeling Mat for Exercise & Yoga, Knee Pad for Work, Floor Foam Pad

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  • PATENT-PENDING COMFORTABLE KNEELING PAD - Our Patent-Pending kneeling pad is great for kneeling and helps reduce pain. It is made with the perfect balance of support and comfort - providing you the comfort and support your body needs while keeping you steady

  • EXTRA THICK 1-½ INCH - THICKER than other kneeling pads or garden kneelers on the market. Thick kneeling pad will provide the best support and keep you steady while kneeling. THE PERFECT SIZE - Extra Large (XL) 18 X 11-inch; Extra Extra Large (XXL) 24 X 14 inch - Accommodates your knees with room to spare, but is still small enough for easy storage

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNEELER - It's great for gardening, but it is also great for baby bath time, household chores, exercise and yoga, camping, sport events, home installation and repair, auto repair, and perfect for tradesmen of all kinds including floorers, plumbers, painters, carpenters, mechanics, and especially for the gardener

  • DURABLE, HIGH DENSITY FOAM - The garden kneeler is constructed with High Density, Non-Recycled material that will last for many years. This kneeling mat will not break down or compress over time and is designed to withstand impacts from stones and rough ground when used outdoors. MINIMAL WATER ABSORPTION material ensures the bath kneeler is easy to clean and it dries quickly. LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - lightweight enough to take it anywhere and the built-in handle makes it easy to carry


Stylish and unique, our kneeling pad will be your new favorite tool! Whether you’re addicted to gardening or need those chores done, PROPAD has got you covered. This kneeling pad provides maximum protection and features a 1-½” extra-thick high-density foam. And the best part? It is multi-functional! It can be used outside or inside, by professionals or amateurs, daily or occasionally.The kneeling pad is a big help for your everyday tasks, and allows you to finish those chores effortlessly. Available in 3 beautiful colors: Blue, Black and Green and in 2 perfect sizes: XL and XXL.


  • Extra Large (XL) & Extra Thick - 18 x 11 x 1-½ INCH
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL) & Extra Thick24 X 14 x 1-½ INCH


At 1-½” Extra Thick, Patent-Pending PROPAD will protect your knees from stones, rough grounds and hard floors. It will help reduce pain and relieve tensions.

With its extra thickness, PROPAD provides the perfect balance of soothing comfort and great support. Its perfect size will accommodate your knees with room to spare, allowing you to kneel comfortably.

Our kneeling pad is made of high-density, non-recycled material that will last for many years. Unlike other pads, PROPAD will not tear apart or compress over time, giving you the best value for your money.


When working outside on wet grounds, or inside on wet floors, the minimal water absorption material ensures you stay dry and clean. It is also easy to clean and dries quickly.

It has a beautiful and innovative design and it is also handy. Thanks to its light weight and carrying handle, it is portable so you can take it wherever you go. Its perfect dimensions make it easy to store.

The PAD is multi-functional and can be used in numerous ways. It can be used outside or inside, by professionals or amateurs, in a sunny or rainy day.
It can be used when gardening, cleaning, bathing your baby; furthermore it can be used when praying or as a laptop pad. Be creative, use it your own way!

Outside, use the kneeling pad to make the perfect garden and become the neighborhood garden hero, putting those other gardens to shame. Use it when going out camping with friends and family or sit on it comfortably when cheering your favorite team. Use it to clean the pool or whenever you need some help working outside your home.

Inside, you can use it when giving the adorable little ones a bath, or even the cute hairy pets. It is great for those household chores, making them much easier to get over with. Or when something needs to be fixed or found around the house. When you finally find the time for exercise, yoga or pilates, use the pad to make working out easier and less painful.

Tradesmen such as gardeners and landscapers use the PAD to save their knees while creating the perfect garden. Mechanics use it for auto repair, handymen for home installation and repairs. Floorers, who are on their knees all day long, use it, as well as locksmiths, plumbers, painters and carpenters among others. Professionals such as physical therapists, photographers and computer technicians also benefit from it.

    MATERIAL: High Density, Non-Recycled, Durable Material ensures your knee cushion lasts for many years.