Swivel Balance Assist Bar For Seniors Elderly Children Alzheimer's

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Bathing becomes difficult and risky when we feel that it is inconvenient to take a shower. We may slip and fall because of wet floor. So our Grab bar can help you drop in a slippery shower or bath. Mainly useful for seniors, disabled, strokes,children.


  • Swivels to allow positioning for different needs
  • Toddlers can enter a wet and slippery tub safely
  • Simply press the tab levers to securely attach
  • Adheres best on smooth, non-porous surfaces
  • Can be used on shower walls too
  • Attaches to all smooth non-porous surfaces
  • Ensure the cups are not placed over the grout lines while installing for the best gripping.


Safe-er-Grip Swivel
Get a handle on bathroom safety with this bathtub and shower handle.

The Safe-er-Grip Swivel assists your balance while entering or exiting the tub or shower — full body weight is not to be applied to product.

  • Balance assist allows the user to enter a wet and slippery tub or shower safely and with confidence.
  • Multi-positional 'swivel' feature offers a wide range of positioning options.
  • Flip-up easy release tabs for easy installation and removal.

Instructions For Use

Easy to Install:

  • With all 3 latches up, position Safe-er-Grip Swivel where designed on tub or shower wall.
  • Apply pressure to one of the handles while flipping its end latch down. next position the other handle where desired, apply pressure to the handle and flip the center and end latches down to secure.
  • Be sure to attach to smooth dry, non-porous surfaces only. If installed on tile, the tile must be a 4" x 4" or greater. Don not install on tile grout lines.
  • Not to be used on painted surfaces (i.e. drywall).


  • Check Safe-er-Grip regularly to ensure it is still firmly attached. If it can be moved or feels loose, flip up the latches and reinstall as per instructions

The Swivel Balance Assist Bar is to be used as a balance assist only. Not for body weight leverage - body weight is not to be applied to product. (If device is required to bear and body weight, or is used for leverage, it is recommended that a traditional permanently mounted grab bar be installed.)

Package Dimensions: 14.7 x 8.0 x 3.9 inches


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