Stackable Toilet Stool 7" Bathroom Squatting Stool for Potty Assistance

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  • Patented original 2-piece squatting stool for potty assistance designed by renowned designed studio in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

  • The squattying toilet stool works perfectly with all standard toilets ,A perfect pottying position is created by helping you leaning forward using a subtle sloped surface on the toilet stool from 7.5" to 7".

  • The more natural squatting position is the healthier way of eliminating quickly ,The bathroom toilet stool is recommended and endorsed by multiple doctors.

  • The squattying stools are strong, durable, family-friendly,Each toilet stool has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

  • The stackable design let you conveniently tuck away the toilet stools behind the toilet after your release.


Squattying bathroom toilet stool is created for solely for your happiness. Healthier potty = happier life. That's what 2-piece squatting stool can bring you.
The toilet stool does not solve all the problems in your life, but it definitely can help in one of them - the one about your potty.
So, let it help!

Helping to Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

Improving bowel movement;
Bringing a more complete elimination;
Preventing hemorrhoids and straining;
reducing bloating and constipation;
shortening your bathroom visits.

Designed to Work with Standard Toilets

Our toilet stool is designed to be a perfect fit for most standard household toilets which are typically 14" - 16" in height from the ground to the top lip of the toilet bowl.

More Sturdy and More Safe

No middle bridge design make our stools more sturdy and one stool can support over 300 pound while the whole set can burden over 600 pound weight. Made with high quality ABS and BPA FREE.