Squat Toilet Stool Folding Bamboo Wood Adult Squatting Stools 7", 8", 9" Adjustable Foldable Bathroom Foot Stool (One Pair)

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  • TOILET STOOL FOR SQUAT POSITION Relaxx allows the colon to become fully relaxed, resulting in full and easy elimination.

  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE stool to fit your toilet and your body. Relaxx can be set to three different heights by simply lifting the top: 7 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch.

  • THE PORTABLE DESIGN makes every bathroom feel like home. Relaxx fits in your bag so there is no need to hold it up while being somewhere else.

  • ONLY AN INCH THICK when folded flat. Relaxx neatly stows away in every drawer, cabinet, and behind, under or on top of your toilet!

  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED FROM BAMBOO. Not only is it eco-friendly and sustainable, it also looks great! With its sleek and minimalistic design Relaxx blends in beautifully with any bathroom.

The science is there: modern toilets cause internal BLOCKAGE

Every person is born with a muscle that puts a kink in our colon. This muscle - the puborectalis - acts as a ‘valve’, restricting elimination unless fully relaxed. We are fortunate that it prevents incontinence when sitting down, less fortunate that it causes blockage when sitting on the toilet. Science suggests that blockage could lead to increased health risks for all.
Answering nature's call the way nature intended it: by SQUATTING
Only by squatting - the natural bathroom position - does this muscle become fully relaxed, resulting in an un-kinking of the colon and allowing it to empty easily. You can now achieve the squat position easier than ever, with the footstool. By simply placing each foot on a footstool while sitting on the toilet your body will get into that perfect squat posture.
One package. Two footstools. Three positions.

    The footstools unfold easily into the three different positions - 7 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch - ensuring that there is always a best fit for you.
    The ideal height of a toilet footstool depends on many different factors, such as body length, the height of your toilet, joint mobility and your personal preference. Is your partner much taller than you are? Do you have a roommate that is much shorter? Or is your toilet placed very high? We understand that no person is alike and every bathroom is different as well. That's why the footstool is made to be fully adjustable: to get everyone in that perfect 35 degrees angle, everywhere.

When you order, you will receive a pair of footstools.

Extremely storable and portable
Often being in the smallest room in a house, a good toilet accessory should never take up too much space. With only an inch thick when folded and it fits on any bathroom shelve, in your bag, and on top of or under the toilet.
Blends in beautifully
Whether you have a designer bathroom or a tiny toilet, there is no need to waste your interior or the limited space you have with a plastic stool. Liven up your bathroom with the warm colors of bamboo.
Carefully crafted from bamboo

The goal here is to excert the least effort when going to the toilet, so setting up the footstools is made as easy as possible.
Simply left up the top to have the footstool automatically fall into position.

NEW custom-made anti-slip rubbers on the legs of the footstools ensure a strong and perfect fit. Available in transparant, mint green and black.

Small grooves on the top of the stool ensure that your feet will not slide off.
Using bamboo instead of wood brings many advantages. It looks great, is strong as steel, and can grow up to a 2 feet a day!
This is why the footstools are made of 100% bamboo.