Comfortable Travel Pillow - Head Support with L Shaped

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  • FIBER FILLED, L-SHAPED SUPPORTS keep the pillow SNUG about your head.

  • SNAP BUCKLE attached to the sides can be used to adjust the fit

  • DOUBLE LAYER CONNECTING FABRIC between the supports. NOTE: This connecting piece is not fiber filled

  • The pillow provides support for both the HEAD and the CHIN. NO MORE NECK PAIN

  • WASHABLE - the pillow can be washed and tumble dried. Patented and Registered Trademark

Details: The SNUG Travel Pillow is made up of two L-shaped ends filled with soft, non clumping fiber. The two sides are connected by fabric and when you lay your head on this fabric the bottoms of the Ls turn inwards providing support for the chin,. There is buckle that can be clicked and the strap tightened to keep the pillow snug. The Pillow is washable and comes with a stuff bag and eye mask. The bag can be attached to any piece of luggage.

DIMENSIONS: Height of Ls - 11", Top width - 4". Bottom width: 8". Bottom Height: 5". Connecting strip: 8" x 6.5" Please Note: The two L-shaped side pieces only are fiber filled. The connecting piece is NOT fiber filled. It is simply two pieces of fabric sewn together. This pillow keeps the head from flopping forward or to the side. This is NOT a traditional U-shaped neck pillow. This is a uniquely designed pillow and is available in only one size. While it should work for most people it may not for others. Also, the pillow works by being snug and hence it may not work well with noise cancelling headphones.