Smart Weekly Pill Organizer-AM/PM Twice a Day, 7 Day Travel Containers

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  • LARGE PILL ORGANIZER - 7 day pill box on a magnetized base that fits large pills like Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Multi-Vitamin supplements. Perfect for those who need an extra large pill organizer to fit all of their medications and vitamins.

  • VERSATILE PILL ORGANIZER FOR 7 DAYS OR 14 DAYS - Use as a 7 day weekly pill box for AM/PM pills twice a day or use as a 14 day pill box if you only take your pills once a day. With our fun & easy to use Push-Through design, use your finger to push the pills from the lid into the container to improve loading accuracy. The flexible lids are easy to open and perfect for people with arthritis and other manual dexterity issues.

  • BPA-FREE - Food-safe, high quality materials to protect your family's health. The clear pill containers make it easy to see what's inside. The pill case is sturdy, durable, and will last unlike cheaper pill boxes.

  • PORTABLE CONTAINERS - Pop a couple of the detachable pill cases off of the base and take them with you for the day or a weekend vacation. The pillbox is ideal for shorter day or weekend travel. The lids will stay closed so your pills do not spill out in the bottom of your bag or purse.

  • FREE APP - Free Sagely Pill Reminder App available for Apple and Android devices so you never forget to take a dose. Our medication reminder app works as your pill box alarm - simply enter your pills and the times you need to take them!

The Smart Weekly Pill Organizer
Perfect for the entire family. The Smart Weekly Pill Organizer is great for parents, grandparents, kids, & even pets! Everyone can benefit from streamlining their pill & supplement routine to ensure they are taking their medications as prescribed.
The Sagely SMART Weekly Pill Organizer
Large size. Our pill organizer can fit all of your pills and supplements. Fit even the largest fish oil & Vitamin D capsules into your Sagely!

Flexible. The lids are vibrantly colored. You can use one side for day and one for night, use one side yourself and share the other with your spouse, or even use one side for this week and the other side for next week.

Great Design. Focuses on functional design that also looks good. You won’t mind keeping this pill organizer out on the kitchen or bathroom counter. Some of our customers say it even makes taking their pills & supplements a little more fun!

Made to last
The Box is made of high quality, durable materials that will take whatever you can throw at them.

We use only the highest quality materials. Our pill organizers are put through vigorous testing to make sure they integrate into your everyday routine flawlessly.
Made to last
They will last, unlike ordinary drugstore pill boxes that break after one or two months. No more running out to the drugstore to buy a new cheap pill organizer every other month!

7 Separate Containers that go where you go
Pop a couple of the pods off the magnetized base and put them into your purse or bag for an easy travel solution.
7 Separate Containers that go where you go
Perfect for when you are away from home all day or for a weekend getaway.

The pods are strong and will keep your medication safe to make sure it is ready for you when you need it. The lids will stay secure – we promise your pills won’t spill all over the bottom of your bag!

The Smart Weekly Pill Organizer is made of BPA-Free, non-toxic materials that are safe for your family.
BPA Free
Safety is one of our primary concerns. We won’t create a product that we wouldn’t use in our own (kid & pet-filled) homes.

When you bring a product into your home, you can be confident that it is safe for you and your family.

Free App
Comes with our free Reminder App so you never forget to take your medication! It only takes 2 simple steps:
Free app
Input your medications
Set when you take your medications
A notification will pop up on your phone when it is time to take your pills. After you take them, simply dismiss the reminder.

Set the app up for a loved one for your added peace of mind.

Available for Apple and Android.

Easy to use
Ergonomic design created with ease of use in mind. Perfect for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other manual dexterity issues.

  • Large,easy to grip size
  • Flexible Push-Through lids
  • Magnetic base to keep it all together

The Smart Weekly Pill Organizer can be used by people who cannot use ordinary drugstore pill boxes that are tiny and hard to open and close.


Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 4.1 x 2.0 inches

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