Sink Sprayer Rinser Set for Handicapped, Elderly, Injured, Toddlers (for Sink Faucets Only)

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  • ONLY connects to SINK FAUCETS with Removable Aerators, not Bathtub Spouts or Shower Heads. Please View Image to the Left and Below to Determine Compatibility with your Faucet.

  • If Faucet Diverter or Adapter Does Not Fit Your Faucet, Contact Seller for Additional Adapters for Free. FAUCET not Included.

  • Multi Purpose Use for Adults, Handicapped, Elderly, Injured, Babies and Hair Washing Connects to Existing Bathroom or Utility Sink for Easy Faucet Sprayer Solution

  • Comes with 3-Function Hand Shower Sprayer with Water-Pause for Gentle and Jet Water Flow. Includes Faucet Diverter 15/16-27 Female - Male Threaded Adapter 15/16-27 Male (bottom) & 55/64-27 Male (top)

  • Set Your Own Water Temperature via the Faucet Handles - Also Used as Tub/Shower/Toilet Cleaner and on Pets

Product Description

*** ​This set ONLY connects to sink faucets with removable aerators, not bathtub spouts or showerheads. Faucets with male threading that will attach to a garden hose will fit. If faucet diverter or adapter does not fit, contact seller for additional adapters for free

The Faucet Rinser set is the perfect way to clean your toddler or young child. With a simple attachment to your bathroom faucet, the Faucet Handshower Sprayer offers you multiple choices. From adult washing to handicapped care to baby rinsing to hair washing, the flexibility from the faucet set is lifesaving. The positive change in your life will ultimately lead everyone to the same question: Why didn't I start using this earlier?

The included faucet diverter attaches to your bathroom sink and allows you to divert water to the 3 function hand shower via a lever conveniently located on the diverter. You can still use the bathroom sink faucet to wash your hands or brush your teeth without having to remove the diverter. Using the lever on the diverter, you're in control of where the water goes! Set the appropriate water temperature through the handles of the faucet then divert the water to the hand shower or to the faucet. It's that easy!
faucet fit
The handshower has 3 functions, including an on/off setting when you need to pause for a moment to reach for the shampoo or when it's time to scrub. Not only that, you can use the sprayer set to clean the tub, shower or toilet, as well as your own hair and body.

The 86 inch hose gives you plenty of length to reach your setup area away from the sink if necessary. Also included is a dual sprayer mount (for the wall or toilet tank) to hang up the sprayer and hose when finished with the task at hand.

Injured or reduced mobility? The ultimate in special care and assistance when regular clean-up has become more difficult. Connecting to the sink has many advantages over a traditional toilet bidet when it comes to assisted care, surgery recovery or limited mobility.

Need the shower, tub, or sink cleaned? Your prayers are answered. Our Faucet Rinser offers added flexibility to clean just about anything within the hoses' 86 inch reach. That makes cleaning easier and faster.

Our 86-Inch Stainless Steel Bidet Hose uses a PEX inner tube, a safer material that has several advantages over metal pipe (copper, iron, lead) or rigid plastic pipe (PVC, CPVC, ABS) systems. This PEX inner tube is WRAS, ACS certified. The outer casing of the bidet hose is covered is 301 stainless steel, with brass nuts, and anti-twist.

Our 3 Function Handshower uses durable ABS with silicone nozzles

​Our Toilet Hook Holder is 304 Stainless steel while the Wall Mount Holder is Brass.

Our Faucet Diverter Valve is made from durable chrome plated brass (55/64-27 Female). The Male Threaded Adapter is 55/64-27 Male (bottom) and 15/16-27 Male (top).
*** The Faucet Sprayer Will Connect to Any Sink That Has a Removeable Aerator. If Your Sink Does Not Have a Removeable Aerator, then Our Product Will Not Be Compatible.
faucet diverter

This Faucet Rinser comes with all the components you'll need and when assembled, the faucet diverter attaches to your sink giving you the freedom to set the water temperature to your liking. Once that's established, a lever on the diverter allows you to divert your sink's water to your hose and faucet sprayer.

The other luxury is you don't have to add or remove the diverter each time you want to use the faucet as you normally would. It stays on. The diverter includes an aerator that allows you to wash your hands and use your sink as normal.

filling a bucket with water, watering plants, assisting with bathroom use, washing diapers, cleaning shoes, recovering from surgery, hemorrhoid care, scrubbing the dog, rinsing the toilet or shower, and more.
The faucet sprayer set is a major benefit to individuals with limited mobility, disabled, inflexible, elderly, recovering from surgery or require caretaker assistance. It's easy to use and always ready for you!

Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.4 x 4.3 inches