Shampoo Cap (Pack of 5), Latex-Free and Alcohol-Free

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  • Easy to use: Put on cap. Massage hair through cap. Remove and thoroghly towel dry
  • Shampoo more efficiently in less time, leaves hair fresh and clean
  • Latex and alcohol free
  • Microwave package for a warm shampoo experience


Whether you’re on-the-go, don’t have access to a shower or are caring for someone with limited mobility, it’s important to use an effective hair care product that leaves hair and scalp feeling fresh and clean! CleanLife Products No Rinse Shampoo Shower Cap provides the convenience and cleanliness of a shower, packed into a single-use shower cap that shampoos and conditions hair!

Each shampoo cap is alcohol- and latex-free, and works to clean, condition and remove odors from hair and scalp with no water, no rinsing and no mess! For men and women with oily or naturally longer hair, or hair with tangles or haircare and beauty products, more than one shampoo cap may be used to complete the cleaning process. In just a few, short minutes, your hair will feel refreshed and rejuvenated with our waterless shampoo caps!

For enhanced comfort, our shampoo caps can be warmed in the microwave prior to use for no more than 15 seconds. After warming, place the shampoo cap on head and massage hair through the cap until hair is saturated. For those with longer hair, this process may take 2-3 minutes.

Once hair is wet and has been thoroughly massaged, remove the waterless shampoo cap and discard. Hair can now be towel dried and then combed or styled, as desired. If necessary, an additional, new shampoo cap may be used to remove excess oils or odors from hair. When using on infant or elderly patients, caretakers should be mindful not to overheat the shower cap and should test the temperature of the cap by removing their rubber gloves.

Our Shampoo Caps are perfect for people of all ages, especially infants and elderly.

Each shower cap provides the convenience of waterless shampoo and conditioner to those with a lack of mobility by providing a quick, convenient option for washing their hair!

When you’re exploring the great outdoors or jet-setting across the globe, there’s a good chance that you won’t always have access to a shower.

Our Shampoo Cap works to conveniently shampoo and condition hair in a few, short minutes and can then be easily be packed away for your next adventure!

Shampoo Caps are alcohol- and latex-free, and work with your hair and scalp to provide a clean, shower-fresh feeling. Each cap stimulates hair, removes oil and dirt, deodorizes and moisturizes the scalp, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthy!