Self Tanning Application Mitt - Use Applicator Glove with Self Tanner Lotion or Mousse

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  • THIS MITT IS THE BEST FOR SELF TANNING / SUNSCREEN / BODY LOTION APPLICATION AND BLENDING : Will work effortlessly with all tanners, body lotions, and sun block lotions/sprays on the market .

  • THE THUMB IS THE SECRET: The problem we have found with most mitts are that they can easily slide and fall off. That was just not acceptable to us. So….we have added a thumb. This effortlessly holds the glove in place while providing much more control.

  • DOUBLE THE APPLICATION ACTION: Our super soft and gentle application area is not just on one side like most mitts. We have the application surface on both sides! This is very helpful for extending the life of the mitt and can aid in front and back applications (using the back of your hand can help you reach your back). You get more for your money!

  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED: Most mitts are chemical or heat sealed. Ours are sewn together and will not come apart. This creates a mitt which will outlast any on the market in durability and use. We strive to give you the best products because it's what you deserve! INCREDIBLE VALUE!


    New Improved Design - The best designed mitt on the market!

    Almost all other tanning mitts from other brands can slide off, are only one-sided, and are not stitched. We were the first to come up with a new thumb design that is double sided, stitched, and WILL NOT SLIDE OFF.

    Highest quality stitch construction available! These are custom made for us - Don't be confused by others.

    ♥ Famous Dave's Improved Self Tanning Mitt makes applying your self tanner, body lotion, face cream, and sunscreen even easier!
    ♥ Our re-useable tanning mitt is designed to help glide easily and evenly over your skin.
    ♥ It also saves you from getting any product onto your hands for the ultimate in convenience.
    ♥ Using the glove also makes tanning the more difficult areas like your feet, ankles, knees and back a breeze!
    ♥ Perfect for use with Tanning Mousse, Lotions and Spray Tan Solutions, our mitt helps your tan go further and last longer.

    Once you've tried the tanning mitt, you'll never go back!

    ⌘ It provides a lotion free barrier while applying all of our products smoothly and evenly=no tan palms or coated hands!"
    ⌘ It cuts application time in half!
    ⌘ It's Eco-friendly. Just wash and reuse again and again!
    ⌘ You can use it to apply just about anything! Sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, night cream etc.
    ⌘ Once you use our tanning mitt, you'll never go back to ordinary gloves!

    Buy with confidence! We have been in business for over 18 years with unsurpassed customer service and quality control.

    Some of you have spent hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect tan ....But, the application is key to a natural looking tan.