Scoop Bowl + One-Piece Silicone Placemat Suction Base for Seniors Alzheimer's Dementia Disabled Parkinsons

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  • Great suction and size for people with difficulty eating, due to muscle control and messiness due to mealtime silliness, etc.

  • No mess. Our silicone scooper bowl does not move and the lip at the top pushes the food on their spoon.

  • Our silicone scooper bowl dishwasher usable, and microwavable too.

  • Our Bowl with Silicone Mat Suction Base is heavy duty. Well made, BPA-PVC-Lead- Phthalate Free


Product description

Do you or your loved one have difficulty with eating utensils ?

Our One-Piece Silicone placemat + Bowl is wonderful for those with poor dexterity, who has motor spatial impairments, who have very limited grip strength and dexterity in their hands, this bowl stayed put and allowed them to focus on using their hands to eat rather than hold the bowl in place.

iGuerburn 34oz Scoop Bowl

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