Round Reusable Gel Ice Packs With Cloth Backing for First Aid 5 Pack

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  • SAFE AND VERSATILE - Cooling or warming 4 inch round small gel pack with protective cloth backing on one side. Reusable, Flexible, and Non-Toxic. Our gel ice packs are formulated with Canadian water and made from durable medical-grade plastic that won't rip, tear, or puncture.

  • CONVENIENT - Store in refrigerator or freezer and use as a small ice pack anytime. Hot packs microwavable to soothe away aches and pain. Rotate between 5 gel packs for easy treatments.

  • NATURAL RELIEF - Safe and natural relief for tired, puffy eyes, sinus headaches, fevers, toothaches, bites, bumps or bruises. Our small gel ice packs comfortably contours the face or small joints.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Perfect addition for skincare / beauty treatment, fun to use as a kid's boo boo ice pack, a must-have tool for any first aid kit.


  • The handy little gel packs for quick & easy relief
  • Perfect for tired, dry puffy eyes, headache, migraine, allergies, hay fever, nose bleeds, sinus pressure, toothache, extraction, injection.
  • Perfect for small joint pain, arthritis, swelling, sprain, spasms, bumps, bruises, strings, first aid.
  • Perfect nursing aid - helps with tenderness, clogged ducts, mastitis, soreness, discomfort.
  • Perfect warm or cooling gel pack for boys and girls. Use as boo boo pack for kid's injuries.
  • Recommended by doctors, dentists, cosmetologists, physical therapists, parents and professional caregivers.
    hot cold gel pack for headaches, toothaches, migraine, fever, kids cool compress, sinus relief, eyes

Choose a size to target any body part for natural pain relief.

  • 4" round with cloth backing
  • Freeze for at least 1 hour
  • Heat in 10 second intervals
  • Non-toxic, latex-free, reusableck 5 pack

Features of the Round Small Reusable Hot Cold Packs:

- Easy to use. Soft gel pack with cloth backing.
- Place in freezer for small ice pack. Gel stays flexible when frozen.
- Hot packs microwavable in 10 second intervals. Do not overheat.
- Therapeutic cold or hot treatment lasts up to 20 minutes.
- Measures approx. 4 inch diameter includes .25in sealed border. Each pack is 2.2 oz.
- FDA registered gel packs are durable, non-toxic and latex-free.
- Gel filling is 97% Canadian spring water. Pouch is made from thick plastic with non-woven cloth backing.
- No ink is printed on the outside our gel packs; the label is printed on the inside the gel case.