Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, Great as Backrest for Books or Gaming

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  • Spill the beans on beanbag cushions and try our soft, luscious foam reading pillows instead. Curl up in bed or on the couch, floor with a good book and relax in our pillow's arms for comfort and support.

  • Pillow too firm? Pull some stuffing out. Too soft? Put more stuffing in! The accessible foam insert lets you customize your own comfort and extend your pillow's service life with fresh foam available. Shredded memory foam offers many of the same benefits as its solid alternative, but is lighter, airier, and still molds itself to your comfort.

  • Zippered velour outer cover has a convenient carry handle for portability, and is easily removable and machine washable for quick cleanup of spills and stains.

  • Great For: Reading in bed, Curling up on the sofa, Sleeping upright for nasal congestion or acid reflux (heartburn), leg arm and back elevator also works for any sort of bed rest.

A quiet afternoon with a good book is a great way to spend your time, but finding a cozy spot to snuggle up to your story can be a challenge. With a Shredded Foam Reading Pillow, story time will literally welcome you with open arms as this light and airy cushion hugs your body and props you up in the perfect position for reading.

Gimme A Hug
Armrests are built into this wraparound back pillow for a soft, supportive embrace you can take just about anywhere. On the floor, on a sofa, on a bed, in a reading nook, on the patio... anywhere you want to sit, relax, and prop yourself up to a morning tea, an afternoon read, or a pleasant movie night.

No Beans About It
Why sit on beanbag pillows when they're stuffed with something that belongs in a burrito? Sure, they're not actual beans, but plastic pellets are still hard, grainy, and not comfortable against your back. Instead, our pillow is stuffed with shredded, high density, polyurethane memory foam that's renowned for body contouring softness.

Customized Comfort
The memory foam stuffing also has its own accessible insert that can be stuffed with more foam for extra firmness, or emptied for those that prefer their pillows mushy. If your pillow catches a coffee spill or just needs a little freshening up, you can also unzip the outer cover and toss it in your washing machine for a quick cleaning.

Great For:

  • Reading upright in bed
  • Curling up on the sofa
  • Playing video games on the floor
  • Bolstering posture for bad back
  • Sleeping upright for nasal congestion
  • Elevating injured arms and legs

This pillow has been compressed and folded for compact shipping. Please allow 24 hours for it to expand to normal size by placing it on a flat surface in a ventilated room.
Due to the unique properties of foam, the actual dimensions of this product will vary slightly. This is normal and will not affect the properties of your new pillow.
The pillow might initially have a slight odor, which is normal and harmless. The scent will dissipate after a short time with regular use.
To clean the pillow cover, simply remove it and machine wash in warm or cold water on “normal” cycle, then tumble dry on low heat. DO NOT use chlorine bleach. DO NOT machine wash the foam stuffing.


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