PULL ME UP For Seniors Alzheimer's Dementia Injured Disabled

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  • EASY! No more shoulder grasping, arm pulling or hand squeezing when trying to get up out of your chair.

  • CLEAN! No hand-to-hand contact and easy clean with a sani-wipe!

  • DIGNIFIED! Enjoy a hand up from your chair (NEVER floor or ground!) without all the fuss and muss.

  • SAFE! The non-slip grip pattern helps keep hands in place for a nice easy pull from your chair.

  • PORTABLE! Take it with you on the go for help out of the car, or up from chairs, benches, church pews and more.

Details: Tired of being pulled every which way by well-meaning friends and relatives when you can't get up out of your chair? What if you could have a HANDle to grasp anywhere and anytime? The PULL ME UP is a brand new mobility device that makes it possible for friends, family, nurses, caregivers, waitresses, furniture store sales reps, doctor office receptionists, and even perfect strangers to pull you up from your chair to a standing position safely, cleanly, quickly and easily. Almost like magic, the laws of physics explain how you AND your helper exert a Pull Force of just a quarter to a third (or less!) of your actual body weight.

So that means pulling you up is a whole lot easier than you might think. Just move forward on your chair. With you and your helper each grasping your side of the PULL ME UP, count "One, Two, Three and PULL!" and you're up! The PULL ME UP comes in two lightweight portable sizes; the 1 Hand model weighing 2 ounces, and the 2 Hands model weighing 10 ounces. Easy. Dignified. Clean. Safe. Portable. Great for getting out of your favorite easy chair at home... convenient for a hassle-free pull out of the car and FANTASTIC for on the go! Less expensive than a lift chair; like having an instant grab bar! A perfect solution for travel! Why would you leave home without one? Let a PULL ME UP get you out enjoying life again. Oh! Just a reminder - NEVER use a PULL ME UP to pull someone up from the floor or ground!



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