Premium Quality Bed Pad, Waterproof, and Washable, for Children or Adults with Incontinence

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  • WATERPROOF UNDERPAD: The reusable bed pad creates a waterproof barrier between any liquid and your sheets or mattress. Extremely absorbent and easily washable and dryable.

  • NEW! PROTECTS SENSITIVE SKIN: Quilted 3-layer fabric feels comfortable against skin while it absorbs liquids and protects against stains and spills.

  • NON-SLIP BACKING: No matter how much you toss and turn during sleep, the underpad stays put. Polyester backed vinyl - not plastic - won't crinkle loudly the way disposable pads do - rest in comfortable silence.

  • EXTRA LONG FOR FULL COVERAGE: 52 inches long and 34 inches wide gives you plenty of room to move around while you're sleeping without worrying that you'll wander off the pad. 50/50 polyester and cotton won't shrink.

  • QUILTING ABSORBS WETNESS, INNER CORE LOCKS IN MOISTURE: The bed pad draws moisture away from your skin and keeps it away so you remain comfortable while your sheets and mattress stay dry.


Extra Large Coverage For Protection Where You Need It

The Bed Pad is sized to fit a twin mattress completely when it's turned lengthwise. Turning it crosswise gives you more room to move around on larger beds without sacrificing coverage. Measures a generous 52 inches by 34 inches.

Wash It Again And Again

No matter how many times you run the Bed Pad through the washing machine and dryer, you won't shrink it and the waterproof layer won't break down. The underside is non-slip so the pad stays where you put it. Your sheets and mattress stay completely dry because the pad's quilted top side and absorbent inner core locks in liquids.

Plush Top Layer Is Brushed To A Cloud-Like Softness

When companies skimp on quality, bed pads can be rough on the skin and give off loud crinkling noises every time you move. The Bed Pad uses only premium quality materials and has constructed an underpad so luxurious that you'll rest confident in the knowledge that you're protected from any accident.

  • Non-slip backing with soft fabric front
  • Manufactured to lock in liquids
  • Full sized for maximum coverage
  • Machine washable

Non-slip, non-shrinking, and no thought required: just throw your pad in the washer and machine dry. This Bed Pad is made with care and only the best fabric, which means your waterproof layer won’t break down, even after continuous washes.

Place lengthwise to fully fit a twin mattress, or turn the pad crosswise for full freedom on large beds.

Don’t use bed pads that hurt sensitive skin or crinkle and bunch uncomfortably. Instead, try the most advanced bed pad made with the most comfortable materials—one that protects you and your mattress, while allowing you to get some sleep, too.

Struggling to take off fitted bed pads can make more of a mess than it protects against. Our simple and streamlined quilted design works when you need it, and comes off in a flash, too.

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