Posture Corrector for Women and Men, Back Brace Fully Adjustable & Comfy, Support Straightener for Spine, Back, Neck, Clavicle and Shoulder, Improves Posture and Pain Relief

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  • Unisex, Choose S/M or L/XL: Brace Posture Corrector is unisex and comes in 2 sizes. S/M size fits a 23-35 inches waist, and L/XL size fits a 39-49 inches waist. By using the included belt extender, a strong and long-lasting velcro straps allow you to adjust your perfect size.

  • Strong Support & More Effective: back posture corrector has 2 support bars on the back which ensure stability and provide robust support to improve your posture. It can take pressure off the key areas by aligning your posture properly, thus alleviating back, neck, shoulder and clavicle pain. Further, it trains your back and shoulder to make your chest out and shoulders back, boosting your confidence.

  • Innovative Design : Posture Corrector incorporates two adjustable straps across your chest and waist which avoid cutting into your underarms, and minimize risk of underarm chafing. In addition, there are two soft sponge shoulder pads are designed for reducing shoulder pressure.

  • Included Belt Extender: Posture Brace includes a belt extender which resolves size anxiety and suitable for people who are large-waist or slim. The velcro straps allow you to adjust how tight it forms around your waist and torso, making it much more flexible in achieving a custom fit to your body.

  • Comfy and Breathable Fabric: Featuring breathable, strong, washable, and high-quality materials for long-lasting back support. Wearing it at the office and home to improve your posture when you are convenient. We recommend that you wear the posture corrector over your clothes for comfort.

Why is Vanrora posture corrector beneficial for men and women?

  • The easy way to get rid of back, shoulder, neck and clavicle pain
  • Improved alignment can make you appear taller and slimmer
  • Good posture exudes confidence and identifies with people of influence
  • Can be easily worn over your clothes when at work, or home
  • Provides clavicle posture support for all activities including working out and sitting at your computer desk
  • Made from high quality lightweight and breathable materials, which provides an extensive range of adjustment, insuring a comfortable custom fit

Warm Tips:

  • Begin wearing it for 20-30 minutes a day then gradually increase to 1-2 hours daily, which will help to develop muscle memory and improve your posture
  • If you have been experiencing significant back or other pain, we recommend that you check with your doctor for advice prior to using any posture corrector
  • The two support metal sticks located inside the back can be removed before washing. If it comes out accidentally, please just plug it back.