Portable, Spinal Traction Easy, Comfortable Device For Adult Seniors Alzheimer's Dementia

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  • The EASY and EFFECTIVE way to take pressure off the spine, joints and nerves! This is designed to help herniated discs, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, low back pain, muscle strain/pain, weakness, low back stiffness, sciatica and spinal degenerative disease.

  • TRAX INTRODUCES a different fundamental scientific technology to Non-Powered Orthopedic Traction, and the ergonomic design gently distributes dual traction force to stretch and decompress the spine and discs which provides preventive care for your lower back and posture. Take care of your aching back!

  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BACK PAIN and be free from pain, without the expensive co-pays of chiropractors and physical therapists. It’s convenient and safe! The TRAX is an all-natural device that can relieve your pain now and on your schedule! A brand-new way to treat back pain AT HOME! Use it on the bed or on the floor!

  • TRAX is helpful in stretching multiple parts of your body! With user controlled Orthopedic Traction you can Stretch your Hamstrings, Piriformis and Hip Rotator Muscles! Your TRAX can also help target hip or sacroiliac joint pain! Reduce costly chiropractor visits by using your TRAX a few minutes each day!

  • EASY , COMFORTABLE and MORE EFFECTIVE because you can target Your pain; You are in TOTAL CONTROL of the amount and direction of the force applied! Your TRAX is Lightweight and Portable! It weighs less than 4 lbs and can fit in your carry on!


    The Easy & Effective Way To Take Pressure Off The Spine, Joints & Nerves!
    Helps Relieve Back Pain with Daily Use
    Designed to Help:

    • Herniated Discs
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Low Back Pain
    • Sciatica
    • Spinal Degenerative Disease

    Works in 3 Easy Steps
    1. Lie Down
    2. Pull Up Your Feet
    3. Push

    TRAX Dual Traction Force

    Pulling up your feet causes the curve in your low back to flatten which makes it easier to traction or stretch the spine and discs. Pushing your hips towards your feet decompresses or tractions the spine and the discs. But, this is a different type of traction force

    While your lower body is pushed towards your feet, your upper body is pushed off the metal handles towards your head. This results in a dual traction force to the spine and discs, which is more effective than most other traction devices.