Portable Shower Arm For Dementia the Elderly Seniors Injury Kids

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  • The product is port shower arm mount
  • For placement on tile, tile squares must be at least 4 inch x 4 inch in diameter
  • Must be applied to smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces, such as, glazed ceramic tiles, plastic or glass. Item does not suction to textured or bumpy surfaces; this surface MUST be smooth and flat
  • Product does NOT suction to drywall
  • Do not place over grout lines as this allows air to move under the suction cup thereby releasing its hold. Always test to confirm suction is tight before each use
  • Suction cup design allows you to place the arm at what ever height desired
  • Can be easily moved or relocated
  • Easy to install and remove

    Product description
    Portable Shower Arm
    Our Portable Shower Arm places the shower head exactly where you need it! With our simple suction cup attachment, you can easily position the shower head to any desired height.

    Key Features:

    Easy Install & Remove
    Position Portable Shower Arm where desired on tub or shower wall with latch turned horizontally, as shown. Press tightly to surface while flipping the latch down.To remove simply release latch and slide fingertip under rubber seal, if necessary, to release suction.

    Be sure to attach to smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces. For installation on tile, tile must be 3x3-inch or greater.

    Perfect for use with small children!

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