Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA Shower Curtain Liner, 72x72

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  • NON TOXIC CHLORINE FREE PEVA SHOWER LINER - Many cheap shower liners are made from toxic PVC a highly carcinogenic chemical. This chemical can linger in your bathroom for up to 28 days making you and your family sick.

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL - Inhibits bacteria growth on your shower liner.

  • RUST PROOF GROMMETS & WEIGHTED MAGNETS - Keep your shower liner looking new all the time and protect against the humidity in the bathroom with magnets at the bottom of the liner to stick to your tub.

  • MILDEW RESISTANT - Don't be disgusted or embarrassed with a layer of mildew on your shower liners. We offer a 12 month warranty against mildew or mold build up.

  • NO MORE CHEMICAL ODORS - Our shower liners won't make you nauseous or feel sick from chemical smells that can linger in your bathroom for months.

    Safe and Durable Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner
    Your home is your sanctuary. Ensuring it is safe and clean for your family is a top priority. With the mildew resistant shower curtain liner made from durable, non-toxic PEVA material you can feel confident that you're providing a healthy environment in your bathroom. This liner is the perfect partner to just about any shower curtain. It doesn't detract from the style of your curtain and fits any standard size shower stall. Enjoy your shower without worrying about unhealthy bacteria, mildew and chemicals.
    • Anti-bacterial, mildew resistant and no chemical odor
    • 12 Rust proof grommets protect liner from tearing on hooks
    • Product dimensions: 72" x 72"
    • Color: Clear or Frosted

    Product Description

    • Mildew Resistant 
    • Anti-Bacterial 
    • Non-Toxic 
    • Eco-Friendly PEVA materials 
    • No Chemical Odors 
    • Rust Proof Grommets


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