Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Holder for Baxter 5C4482 5C4483, PD Catheter Assessories Shower Holder with 2 PCS Adjustable Peritoneal Dialysis Transfer Set Lanyard

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  • DESIGN PURPOSE: Allows PD patients to keep their hands free and stand balanced in the shower, and the adjustable peritoneal dialysis transfer set holder allows it to stay in a comfortable position. Quick-drying material gives your skin the closest attention.

  • ADAPTABILITY: If you are using Baxter MiniCap pd catheter 5C4482 5C4483, then the pd catheter holder will be a great choice for your shower companion.

  • COMFORT and SAFETY: 2-section wavy edge part to provide an excellent safety ability. Adjustable pd catheter lanyard range from 13" to 22", it was very helpful to hold the peritoneal dialysis transfer set at a comfortable position. Minimaliat and simple, easy access.

  • QUICK-DRYING DESIGN: ABS made the pd dialysis holder with drainage holes on the back. Polyester webbing is skin-friendly and breathable, and has quick-drying properties, rejecting unpleasant odors.

  • PACKAGE LIST: 2 peritoneal dialysis lanyards + 1 peritoneal dialysis holder. 2 lanyards is included, which is convenient to change after bathing. We hope our peritoneal dialysis accessories can help you, please feel free to contact us if you have any follow-up questions.

Product Description

iGuerburn pd dialysis catheter holder for baxter mini cap 5C4482 5C4483 is best daily living/travel accessories.

Our PD dialysis catheter holder is perfect to hold your peritoneal dialysis transfer set out of the way. You can wear the pd lanyard in the shower and change the dry one that is included.

PD necklace dialysis catheter holder adjustable length band (range from 13" to 22") suitable for women and men.

Peritoneal dialysis transfer set holder doesn't get in the way in the shower at all. Dries very fast. Keeps your skin free from tape-induced itching and tearing sensations.

iGuerburn pd catheter lanyard details


PD dialysis accessories can ensure your neck comfortable. PD lanyard is great to give the skin a break from all the tape.


PD catheter necklace can quick connection and removal of the transfer set holder

PD dialysis tube cover for shower


ABS made the peritoneal holder with drainage holes on the back.

The peritoneal dialysis catheter lanyard is convenient for draining the water that seeps in when you take a shower.

Product Dimensions: 4.02 x 2.83 x 1.26 inches; 0.48 ounces