Oxygen Enrichment Adapter - 2 pack

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  • This Oxygen Enrichment Adapter connects oxygen tubing from any tank or concentrator to your CPAP/BiPAP equipment.

  • The pressure line of this CPAP tube adapter is commonly placed between the CPAP machine, humidifier, or mask and the hose to allow the addition of oxygen into your CPAP system.

  • This adapter works with all brands of oxygen tubing.

  • Measures 22 mm ID at one end and 22 mm OD connection at the other end

  • Fits with any standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing

Details: Patients prescribed with oxygen treatment and CPAP therapy will understand that it can be difficult to undertake both therapies at the same time.

For oxygen therapy, patients typically wear a cannula, the small forked tubing worn under the nostrils, to administer oxygen. Wearing a cannula under the CPAP mask is not only be uncomfortable, but it also makes it difficult for the mask to form a good seal for CPAP therapy. This is why the Oxygen enrichment adapter is the perfect solution. This CPAP hose adapter allows oxygen to go directly through the CPAP hose, allowing patients a more comfortable combination of oxygen and CPAP therapy. It also helps provide the mask with a more secure seal, which enables the patient to maximize the benefits of both therapies.

This CPAP oxygen adaptor can be fit onto the air outlet of the CPAP machine. The standard CPAP Hose is connected to the other end of the oxygen adaptor. Alternatively, the adaptor can be attached to the inlet of the mask interface, with the hose attached to the opposite end of the adaptor. This adaptor is made of latex-free, high-quality materials molded from sturdy plastic which is highly resistant to breaking.

Package Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches