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  • THERAPEUTICA PILLOWS ARE DESIGNED TO HELP CORRECT SPINAL POSTURE OF THE NECK. The contoured head rest keeps head and neck in a neutral position. Therapeutica pillows are commonly used to help treat a variety of conditions affecting the neck and shoulders.

  • A FIRM CORRECTIVE PILLOW. The pillow must be firm to provide therapeutic benefits. The Therapeutica pillow is firmest when it's new. With use, the foam will soften and provide comfortable resiliency. This pillow is NOT a soft comfort pillow.

  • MOST COMMON SIZES are Average and Petite. See size guide in photos. If your mattress is soft, measure between sizes, or need gentle correction, chose a size down. If your mattress is firm, or you need aggressive correction, chose the size you measure at.

  • Nonallergenic and nontoxic. If pillow is too firm, you can accelerate break-in by inserting the pillow into a case and stepping up and down on the pillow to soften the cell structure.

  • IT TAKES TIME TO ADJUST to an orthopedic pillow. It's recommended to slowly ease your way into orthopedic correction to achieve the best results. Alternate between the new and old pillow while your body adjusts to the correct posture.

Details: features of therapeuticaBecause you sleep on your back, side, or both, this pillow was created to work for each sleeping position. The ergonomic design offers correct support and stability in sleeping posture. The result is a more sound sleep and less tendency to wake with pain, stiffness and many of the symptoms resulting from lack of support. Child, petite and average fit into a standard pillow case. Large and x-large a king-size pillow case.

Measuring Instructions
STEP 1: Find The Bony Prominence in your shoulder
Bony Prominence Shoulder
Use your fingertip to feel for the bone on top of the shoulder. Do not measure out to the side of the arm.

STEP 2: Measure Using a Ruler
measure ruler
Measure the length of your shoulder using a ruler. It is most accurate to have someone help you with this process.

STEP 3: Compare Your Measurements to Sizing Guide
measuring guide
Compare your measurements to the sizing guide shown in Step 4 to determine the best size pillow for you.

STEP 4: Choose Your Pillow
There are 5 different sizes of Sleeping Pillows ranging from Child to X-Large.
5 sizes of pillows
NOTE: If you measure between sizes, or sleep on a soft mattress, select one size smaller than you measured. It is not necessary to choose two sizes smaller if you measure between two sizes AND sleep on soft mattress.

  • Child: Less than 4.25 inches
  • Petite: 4.25 to 5.25 inches
  • Average: 5.25 to 6.25 inches
  • Large: 6.25 to 7.25 inches
  • X-Large: more than 7.25 inches

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