Massage Stick - Relieve Sore Muscles - Foam Roller Prevent Injury

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  • MASSAGE THERAPY AND MUSCLE RELIEF, ANYWHERE: Our portable, easy to carry muscle roller travels easily wherever you go - it's like having a massage therapist on a stick. Take care of tired or sore muscles at the gym, at home, or even at work! Any time you need it, you can get a deep massage to speed muscle recovery or to relieve back pain, joint pain, and muscle pain. Feel better fast, no matter where you are!
  • COMFORTABLE, GENTLE, & EFFECTIVE: The cushioned foam roller muscle massage stick is skin and muscle friendly. The massages muscles deeply, circulating blood and oxygen into muscle knots to relieve pain and speed recovery. It's also perfect for use before your workout, to prevent injuries and increase mobility. Why spend money on cheaper massage sticks only to find out that the hard plastic pinches, hurts, and is not effective?
  • INDUSTRY LEADING, ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED MASSAGE THERAPY TOOL: The unique design makes foam rolling easy and saves your fingers and hands from fatigue. The firm muscle roller material provides consistent distribution of pressure to your tired sore muscles, to quickly reduce pain and increase recovery for better mobility. It is favored by athletic trainers, personal trainers, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and millions of users worldwide.
  • RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS AND CHIROPRACTORS WORLDWIDE! Whether you're a serious athlete or just starting a workout program, choose the foam roller muscle stick that's found in professional sports training rooms. The massage roller plays a key role in injury prevention strategies. When professional athletes absolutely need fast recovery time from muscle cramps, spasms, pain and stiffness, they reach for the massage tool that will do the job!


RELIEVE MUSCLE SORENESS AND FATIGUE. Turn your sore muscles into happy muscles, while reducing stress and tension! Clinical research shows that up to 85% of muscle pain comes from tiny muscle knots. Tiger Tail is designed to give you a deep massage which reaches to the knots, breaks them up, and reduces your pain.

PREVENT INJURIES. You can use your Stick before any workout to relax and loosen your muscles, which will increase mobility and reduce the chances of injury. After training, the Stick will keep your muscles and fascia healthy and happy by breaking down small adhesions and promoting healing via increased blood flow.

DON’T SETTLE FOR IMITATIONS. Other products are made of lower-quality, less effective materials (such as hard plastic) that can pinch your skin and leave you feeling bruised and injured. Our cushion foam roller is made from a high-quality, non-absorbent, non-deteriorating closed cell foam and is MADE IN THE USA! It’s a smooth solid surface that spins and moves easily. There’s a reason Tiger Tail is the leader in massage stick foam rollers - we’ve gotten it just right!

CHOOSING YOUR LENGTH - 11”, 18" or 22". When selecting between the Roadster (11”), Classic (18”) and the Long One (22”), the only difference in construction is length. The 22" offers four more inches of massage surface (14" compared to 10" for the Classic). The 18" is our best-selling size and works great for personal massage. The shorter length makes it a bit easier to pack into small bags. The 22" is best for buddy massage, back massage, and people who are less flexible or larger in size. It works well for personal use, and the extra length makes it easier for using on someone else. And, the 11” is perfect for travel. It fits easily into luggage and/or your gym bag. It also makes a great foot massager.

Key Features

Portable, easy-pack design
Non-slip grip
Easy to clean
Made in USA!