Knee Rest Cushion Polycotton cover

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  • PAIN RELIEVING ZERO GRAVITY ALIGNMENT - Knee Rest Wedge Pillow is expertly designed to take pressure off the lower back and coccyx, improving leg circulation and providing relief from varicose veins, phlebitis, swollen ankles, and swollen legs

  • COMFORTABLE WEDGE SHAPE - Measuring 24"x15"x8", Knee Rest Wedge Pillow's comfortable triangular shape is designed to the same specifications used by physical therapists, relaxing the lower back and increasing your overall comfort

  • DURABLE - Made from high-grade, durable polyurethane foam,  Knee Rest Wedge Pillow maintains pelvic tilt and alleviates the need for haphazard pillow stacking

  • EASY TO CLEAN - Removable, machine washable blue polycotton blend pillow cover offers a quick and easy way to keep your Knee Rest Wedge Pillow clean and sanitary

Details: Knee Rest Wedge Pillow provides “zero gravity” support and maintains pelvic tilt, shifting pressure off of the lower back and coccyx and improving leg circulation. Measuring 8 inches tall, Knee Rest Wedge Pillow relieves varicose veins, phlebitis, swollen ankles, and swollen legs. Made from durable polyurethane foam in the USA, Knee Rest Wedge Pillow comes with an easily removable, machine washable blue cover.

Package Dimensions: 21.0 x 18.0 x 9.0 inches