Travel Foot Rest Pillow, Inflatable Footrest Cushion for Travel, 2 pack

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  • Relax your legs - The inflatable foot rest pillow let your foot rest and comfortable after tiring work, or long-time travel on the train, bus and plane to ease the foot pain. Relax and rest on the long journey, ideal for travel, home, office, etc.

  • Light and Portable - Footrests are inflatable and lightweight. The pillow can be inflated and stored in a small place when not in use, it is easy to carry and only 5.21oz, the perfect gift to your friends, colleagues, parents and elders.

  • Health Keeper - The inflatable foot rest pillow can improves blood circulation, and lesson distension by raising the he legs.Get you your feet rest, and reduce the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) risk during traveling. Supports legs to reduce muscle strain and fatigue.

  • Quick Inflation - Humanized and scientific design with two nozzles in one plug. Big nozzle for express ss inflation.It onl only takes about one minute and a half by blowing air into the air valve with your mouth or inflator. Quickly unfold for easy assembly and collapse flat to pack away when not in use; Small nozzle for full inflatin and adjustment. You can blow it or deflate it slowly through small nozzle for adjusting the size and fullness of pillow.

  • High Quality - It is made of comfortable and soft PVC flocking, environmental friendly without any toxic ic substances.KIND REM REMINDER: Please make sure two layers nozzles closed tightly before usage so that the air loose will not ot happen.If you you miss small nozzle upon the plug, the air leakage also happen

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1. Inflatable foot rest mat stands up to the pressure of laying your feet and head on it, great to take when you are on camping, vacation and traveling trips.
2. You can use this foot rest pillow as a pillow to your air mattress if you want.
3. Made of soft PVC flocking, washable and soft to touch. Specifications:
Color: Grey & Blue
Material: PVC Flocking
Product Size: Length is 13.78 inch; Width is 10.43 inch; Height of front side is 3.15 inch and height of Back side is 6.30 inch
Gross Weight: 100g Notes:
1. Do not over-inflate, 80% air-inflation is recommended.
2. Do not inflate the pillow with high-pressure gas.
3. Avoid sharp objects or overweight. Package Includes: 2x Inflatable Foot Rest Pillow

How to inflate and deflate the inflatable foot rest pillow?

Step 1 Express InflationStep 1
Blow air by mouth or inflation pump through big nozzle for quick inflation.(Not fully inflated)

Step 2. Full Inflation2
Close the big nozzle and open the small nozzle, fully inflate the pillow throught the small nozzle.

Step 3. Adjustments
You could adjust the pillow by pressing the middle button to deflate (If too much air), and close the small nozzle. Then you can use the pillow.

Step 4. Quick Deflation4
After use, you could fold and store the pillow by opening the big nozzle to quickly deflate just for a few seconds.