Hospital Gown - Patient Gowns Fits All Sizes Up To 2XL - 1 Pack

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  • 1 unisex gown for both men and women - Easy and simple to wear

  • Fits up to 2XL size and is made of Polyester (47%) and Cotton (53%)

  • Re-washable and reusable - Can be easily machine washed

  • Perfect for any number of situations including surgery, chemotherapy and nursing etc

  • Machine wash on the gentlest cycle with cold water and sundry or tumble dry on low when needed


​Easily Fits all Sizes of Both Genders

These patient gowns are designed to fit all sizes up to 2XL and, that too, for both the genders. The roomy sleeves and back ties assist in preserving the modesty of its wearer and, at the same time, is really easy to wear and change.

Lower Costs
lower cost
These patient gowns are durable enough to be machine washed several times, which makes them more practical and cheaper in comparison to disposable patient gowns. These are cheap enough to get rid of if they are soiled accidentally.

Great for Any Situation
great for any situation
Gowns that are specialized prove to be more expensive when compared to regular gowns. Take pregnancy gowns as an example which are more expensive when compared to regular gowns. Our gowns can be used for pregnancy as well without adding any surplus charges.

Comfortable for Longer Periods

If you require medical care for a longer period of time, then it is necessary to have a really comfortable gown to wear so that you remain relaxed and comfortable. The fabric blend of cotton and polyester is gentler and softer when compared with general hospital gowns, which are made from basic cotton blends.

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