Hip Brace - Sciatica Pain Relief Brace - Thigh Hamstring Compression Support Wrap - Stabilizer for Groin, Hip Flexor, SI Joint for Labral Tear, Arthritis, Bursitis, Sciatic Nerve pain for Men Women

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Whatever the cause, such as sports injury, arthritis, osteoporosis, postoperative healing or simply just old age catching up with you, hip pain can be a real downer on your life and it can make even the most mundane of everyday tasks seem like a real effort.  A good support will help take the weight and strain of your hip and also hold it in place so that there is a much reduced risk of further injury or strain, and they can help with common hip problems like hip abduction or hip displacement. 


  • PROMOTES MUSCLE & JOINT RECOVERY: Hip stabilizer and groin brace provides sciatic nerve pain relief, SI joint pain relief and helps to speed up healing from groin pull, hip flexor injury, pulled quad, hamstring pull, hip bursitis, labral tear, or other leg muscle injuries that cause discomfort in the groin area. Groin strain brace can be used as a sciatic nerve brace, hip flexor brace, hip brace for labrum tear, or si belt - sacroiliac belt / si joint belt for women / men

  • PROVIDES SUPPORT AND HELPS RELIEVE PAIN: Most effective neoprene groin wrap designed to rehabilitate and bring back everyday movement by providing stability and warmth. It helps to improve mobility and decreases tension in the muscles

  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE AND SOFT: Lightweight and breathable material of the hip support brace for women /men fit snugly and doesn't catch on dry skin. It is very comfortable for all-day wear, quick and easy to put on and take off. Groin compression wrap can be worn on the right or left leg, under and over clothes. Hip support brace fits waists up to 44" and thighs up to 25" circumference

  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The waistband prevents the thigh support wrap from slipping or sliding during physical activity. It stays up on the thigh perfectly unlike regular hamstring brace, thigh wrap, quadricep support, groin compression sleeve, elastic bandage, or hamstring compression sleeve, which needs constant pulling up and re-adjustment during light movement, let alone actual sports or exercise

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: With wide and durable hook and loop fasteners, the groin support wrap provides targeted controlled compression and desirable level of support, unlike compression shorts. Far superior to regular thigh wrap and thigh brace support, it stays in place perfectly fine and does not roll up on the belly as other hip support braces, sacroiliac joint belts or hip spica wraps

Groin Compression Support has been specifically designed to help relieve pain resulting from groin pull, thigh injury, sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, or related conditions. Therapeutic neoprene helps to retain body heat needed to warm muscles, provides soothing compression, and increases blood circulation, which reduces recovery time. It uses a completely adjustable hook and loop fasteners for both the waist and the thigh to ensure a perfect fit. Neoprene hip brace works great for long car rides and doesn't restrict movement during daily household chores around the house.

Groin Strap stays in place at all times and provides the extra confidence, support, and stability one needs in high-performance sports to get back in the game with confidence and eventually allowing one to push their body to the limit.

Suitable for sports activities such as running, bicycling, baseball, golf, tennis, and many more.

Helps relieve nagging pain and discomfort in the inguinal area caused by:

✅ Groin injury, such as groin strain (stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon) and groin sprain (stretching or tearing of ligaments)
✅ Irritation of the sciatic nerve, which causes nagging of the lower back pain that radiates down the leg
✅ Adductor/abductor tendinopathy (tendinosis and tendonitis)
✅ SI joint dysfunction, piriformis syndrome and pelvic floor dysfunction
✅ Quad and hamstring injuries, such as pulled hamstring (hamstring strain) and pulled quadriceps (quadriceps strain)
✅ Hip labral tear (torn labrum), hip bursitis, hip osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis), hip fracture surgery, hernia surgery

It fits waists up to 45" and thighs up to 25" circumference.

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