Gel Lined Ankle Pads Protector Sleeve (Pair, 2 Sleeves)

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  • Designed for Athletes - Looking to hit the rink, track, or trail in comfort? Our ankle tubes are ideal for figure skaters, speed skaters, roller skaters, hockey players, in-line skaters, and backpackers.

  • Better Than Moleskin for Lace Bite - These ankle sleeves provide cushioning and reduce friction, preventing pain from lace bite, rubbing boot collars, ankle bone bruising, or blisters on your Achilles

  • SIZING AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Tight fitting sleeves for best support - 2 sleeves in each package. One size fits most with an ankle circumference from approximately 6.5" to 9". This stretchy ankle sleeve is 3" wide by 6" long and can be cut to size as needed. TO WEAR: When sliding over your foot, turn inside out. The fabric slides easier than the gel pad. Flip back over when around your ankle.

  • Non-Slip Gel Interior - Inside each ankle sleeve support is a latex free and hypoallergenic gel lining that keeps the cushioned sleeve in place

  • Unisex and Washable - One size fits most. Can be hand washed with soap and warm water


Alleviate rubbing or chafing from skates or new boots with slip-on ankle sleeves

Better Cushioning, Proper Relief
Whether you're suffering from lace bite, rubbing boot collars, blisters, or a bruised ankle bone, a better ankle sleeve cushion can make all the difference.

That's why we created a high quality gel-lined sleeve that can help alleviate discomfort and give you better mobility so you can skate or hike with less stress and friction from your ankle to your mid-shin.

Soft, Flexible Durability
Introducing the Ankle Sleeves, a slip-on tube cushion that gives you the supportive comfort you need to go harder, go faster, and live life to the fullest.

Product Details:
Tube Ankle Sleeves (Pair)
Elastic Lined Tubing
Supportive Gel Comfort
Helps Absorb Friction and Vibration
Lightweight and Breathable
Unisex (Men and Women)
Measurements: 6" x 3" (Each)
Hypoallergenic and Latex Free