Gait Belt (60 Inch) Transfer Assist Device Safety Long Gate Strap

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  • EASILY MOVE AND TRANSFER: Safely and securely assist in physical therapy, transfers and ambulation of patients or loved ones. Adjustable gait belt prevents caregiver injuries and provides additional peace of mind. No more grabbing painfully by the back of arm or pants.

  • QUICKLY PUT ON AND REMOVE: The wide cotton belt is fully adjustable to fit a maximum waist circumference of 60". No fuss, quick-release metal buckle is heavy duty and allows for easy adjustments.

  • SUPPORTS UP TO 500 LBS: Strong 100% cotton webbing is used to create a transfer belt that will stand up to extensive use and is easily machine washed. For additional convenience, the transfer belt has an integrated elastic loop for securing any excess belt lengths out of the way.

  • METAL BUCKLE WILL NOT SLIP: The durable, quick-release buckle has locking teeth to ensure the belt does not slip when in use. Feel secure that the buckle will hold until the quick-release latch is lifted.


Transfer Belt
The transfer Belt allows you to easily ambulate patients. The quick release latch makes it easy to put on and remove the belt. The tough metal locking teeth keep the belt securely in place to create a strong hold for added safety. The durable metal buckle is strong enough to handle bariatric patients.

Product Features:

  • Hand Loops
  • Easy to Ambulate
  • Quick Release Latch
  • Locking Teeth
  • All Metal Buckle
  • Strong Grab Handles
  • Length: 55 Inches

Locking Teeth:
The teeth on the metal buckle creates a strong hold and will not let go until the release latch is lifted.

Strong Metal Buckle:
Durable metal buckle for bariatrics .

Hand Loops:
Grab handles provide extra support for added safety while lifting.

Easy Ambulation:
Makes transferring patients from beds, chairs and wheelchairs simple. Great for home or hospital use.

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.1 x 2.7 inches