Bedwetting Alarm, Enuresis Alarm, Incontinence, Potty Training

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  • BEDWETTING SET- Alarm comes with "The Complete Bedwetting Book" download, reward chart, sticker reward system and instructions in 6 languages.

  • SOUNDING AND VIBRATING ALARM- Several Variable Alarms so your child doesn't get used to a particular alarm sound. Strong Vibrating Alarm can be used with or without audible alarms. The alarm wakens and motivates your child to go to the bathroom to finish urinating.

  • WEARABLE SENSOR- Wearable unit is small and easy-to-use. Alarm is attached to pajama top while the small sensor is clipped to underwear. Clip to OUTSIDE of underwear, not touching skin. (Sensor may detect sweat if against skin.)


How to Use

Easy to use:

  1. Simply insert 2 AAA batteries
  2. Clip alarm to pajama top
  3. Run cord under pajama top and clip to the underwear.

Tips for Use:

  1. Make sure batteries are good by pressing button to see if LED flashes
  2. Place sensor in the “target zone”
  3. Help wake your child if he or she does not wake with alarm
  4. Read our book by a Pediatric Urologist to get the best results

The Complete Alarm Kit
Newest Design Includes:

  1. The loudest volume legally allowed
  2. 6 variable alarm sounds and vibration
  3. Longest battery life
  4. Patented sensor that is easiest to clean
  5. Lightweight and compact
  6. Reward system
  7. FREE “The Complete Bedwetting Book” download

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