Memory Foam Shoulder Pad Replacement for Bags - Long and Super Comfortable

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  • 12 x 3.5'' Inches - Extra Long to Help Cover Your Entire Shoulder
  • Fits Bags of All Kinds - Works for Duffel bags, Backpacks, Laptop Messengers, Camera Bags, Guitar Cases and More
  • Adjustable - You can Slide it in Any Position Because Of its Enclosure
  • Made of Quality Memory Foam - No Need to Worry About it Flattening Quickly because of Heavy Bags

Product description

Cushion Your Shoulder From The Strain of Heavy Bag Loads

The Shoulder Strap is a great accessory to your bags, especially if you are fond or must carry heavy things most of the time. A lot of bags sometimes forget this crucial part and it can put a lot of stress on our shoulders.

This adjustable pad is easy to attach to straps of different kinds of bags, whether it be a laptop, duffel, backpack or instrument bag. You can also slide down the strap from side to side so if you're using a one strap bag and want to switch, it would be no problem. It's design is versatile enough for adults and children alike.

Its long size will surely be enough to cushion a large area of your shoulder. You also don't need to worry about it flattening soon because it is made of high quality memory foam, just like in expensive mattresses.

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