Elderly Seniors Injured Adult Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Scooter

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If you are having problems walking, maintaining your balance, or have leg weakness from illness or injury, it might be time for crutches. If you are stumbling, almost falling, or actually falling when you walk, it’s DEFINITELY time for a cane, a walker, or crutches.
  • Ideal for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to the foot, ankle or lower leg as well as below the knee amputees. The Deluxe Knee Cycle is one of the most advanced knee walkers in the industry and an excellent alternative to crutches.
  • Maximum stability and control when maneuvering - these steerable knee scooters offer an advanced automotive style tie-rod steering mechanism (not available on most knee walkers) and an adjustable locking handbrake.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the kneeling walker features four 7.5" non-marking rubber wheels, a comfortable 3.5" thick contoured knee platform that is left or right-leg compatible, and a free basket.
  • The Kneecycle knee scooter also features a removable front axle and handlebars with an quick folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.
  • Fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform, this lightweight yet sturdy knee walker offers a robust 300 lb. weight capacity and is recommended for individuals with heights 4'9" - 6'6".

Product Description
KneeRover Knee Cycle Knee Scooter
Deluxe Knee Scooter with Best in Class Steering
When you have an injury or surgery on your lower leg, ankle or foot and are required to be non weight bearing for a long period, the idea of being sentenced to crutches can be agonizing. While crutches provide a level of mobility, they are often very painful, unstable and limiting in what you can do.

KneeCycle Features and Benefits:
KneeRover Knee Cycle Premium Tie Rod Steering Technology
Premium Tire Rod Steering
Advanced automotive style tie-rod steering technology provides excellent stability by maintaining front axle width even during turns.
Adjustable Locking Hand Brake
Locking Hand Brake
Adjustable locking hand brake provides immediate stopping ability and control. Simple push button parking brake.
Easy Transport and Storage
Easy Transport and Storage
Quick release folding mechanism on the steering column enables easy transport. Removable front axle offers compact storage.
Knee Rover Knee Cycle is lightweight and heavy duty
Lightweight and Heavy Duty
Kneewalker weighs only 24.8 lbs while the sturdy yet sleek frame design provides a robust 300 lb weight capacity.
KneeRover Knee Cycle offers a reliable drum brake technology
Reliable Drum Brake System
Rear Drum braking system enables quick stopping ability and control while navigating the knee scooter.
Comfortable adjustable knee pad
Adjustable Knee Pad
Comfortable contoured knee pad with 3 inch cushion features tool free height adjustment to accommodate a wide range of users.
Excellent stability and control
Stability and Control
Four 7.5 inch PU wheels feature shock absorbing windows and provide excellent stability and control - both indoors and outdoors.
Free storage basket included
Storage Basket Included
Convenient storage basket is included. Take your electronics, purse, sweater, lunch or other essentials with you while you roam.

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