Edition Full Lumbar Support The Best Premium Entire Back Pillow for Office Desk Chair Car Seat and Sofa Ergonomic 100 Memory Foam Reading Cushion Relieves Lower Sciatica Pain

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  • WHY THIS BACK CUSHION IS UNIQUE; After several years of sitting at work and driving in our cars with back discomfort and lumbar pain and after trying many solutions including small pillows, we decided to create the best ergonomic orthopedic full back support pillow to obtain perfect alignment with the lower as well as the upper thoracic area of the spine; we developed with chiropractors what we believe provides the ultimate comfort and protection for your back, the Posture Protector

  • FITS ALL KINDS OF SEATS; Whether you are the driver in your automobile, truck, boat or any vehicle, or travelling by train, airplane, bus or coach, this wide portable high backrest supports your body the ideal way; its large tall contour will help you relax at home in the recliner, sofa, rocking chairs or in the kitchen or dining room; in the bedroom, patio, living room or garden this deluxe low back bolster is sure to manage and improve your sitting position and be exactly what you need

  • OUR QUALITY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF - No expense was spared in making the high back travel pad; as opposed to cheap cushions, we have 100% pure molded memory foam which insures a firm comfy fit; the long adjustable elastic strap with a secure clasp will keep the pillow in place no matter how much you move around; hypoallergenic faux fur machine washable and zipper removable cover is made of black velvet like soft velboa which also makes it a friendly furniture accessory for any house decor

  • REDUCE & PREVENT ACUTE & CHRONIC BACKACHE; Use this therapeutic rest pillow recommended by physicians to relieve common bad back problems such as arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, scoliosis, stenosis, spondylosis, herniated vertebral disc, pressure on the vertebrae, mild sacral injury and strain, fatigue or soreness from pregnancy slouching; other cushions only protect the lower back causing lordosis, an abnormal backward spine curve; the new protects the entire back, keeping it straight

Details: Want to get rid of the numbness?

Unfortunately, few give the spine the care it needs until problems begin appearing. We've been there which is why we began this mission to help people prevent instead of treating and to provide relief for back issues.

The Posture Protector is perfect if you:
✔️ Want to prevent lumbago while keeping a healthy back
✔️ Suffer from back problems and want to alleviate or ease them
✔️ Want the best quality products for your health
✔️ Spend a lot of time working in front of your laptop or have occupational lumbar issues and feel that you need extra rest for your tired back
✔️ Drive on long road trips and need increased resting breaks - whether by auto or by airplanes, it is one of the essential accessories to have included in your travel kit
✔️ Want a versatile indoor and outdoor posture corrector while you sit.
✔️ Have kids who enjoy gaming and protecting them is important for you

Strong elastic strap extends from 16.9' to 42.9'
Soft cover provides great comfort
Heath practitioners recommend backrests to protect the spine's curvature.
Great gift for family, friends or those who would enjoy more comfort while they sit!
Size: 17.71 x 16.14 x 4.72 in
Weight: 1.6 lb

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