Wooden Slide Transfer Board, Heavy Duty Slide Boards for Transfers of Seniors and Handicap



  • SIMPLE DESIGN, BIG IMPACT. Transferring patients or loved ones can be very difficult and dangerous if not done so properly; making tranfers significantly easier and safer. FSA Eligible.

  • EASY, SAFE AND SECURE TRANSFERS make this tranfer board a first choice among caregivers and users alike. This board is used to help a person easily and safely transfer from a wheelchair, bed, chair, sofa, commode or other sitting position while minimizing user and caregiver strain or injury.

  • INTEGRATED DUAL CUTOUT HANDLES offer extra leverage with a safe and secure grip for individuals as they move across the board. Our handle cutouts are large enough to accommodate even extra-large hands, while maintaining the structural integrity. Each handle has been rounded, sanded and sealed for comfort.

  • THICK, SANDED AND SEALED WOOD ensures easy friction free transfers. Each durable board has been designed with tapered ends to help aid in patient tranfers. These strong wooden boards are evenly sanded and sealed with a smooth surface coating to help prevent cracks, chips or snagged clothing.

  • 8”x27.5”:FRICTION FREE PLATIC ensures safe and easy transfers every time. This unique board had been designed with full tapered ends extending all the way to the middle of the board to help aid in patient tranfers. These strong plastic boards are formed from one piece of plastic with a smooth surface to help prevent cracks, chips or snagged clothing.

  • Overall Dimensions: 8"W x 24"L x 0.75"H. Wood Type: 3/4" thick maple plywood. Weight Capacity: 440 lbs. 
    Overall Dimensions: 8"W x 30"L x 0.75"H. Wood Type: 3/4" thick maple plywood. Weight Capacity: 440 lbs.
    Overall Dimensions: 8"W x 27.5"L. Plastic. Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.
    Overall Dimensions: 10"W x 32"L. Plastic. Weight Capacity: 735 lbs.


Deluxe Wood Transfer Board
This sturdy wood transfer board will help you as you transfer people from wheel chair to bed, chair, car or commode. The sealed and coated board allows easier transfers as you help a loved one slide across the glossy surface. The board is also valuable as a mobility aid for those who are living independently and need some assistance transferring from place to place.

How to Use a Transfer Board 
Position one end of the board on the starting point and the other end on the destination to which you want to transfer such as the bed, chair, car or wheel chair. The tapered ends should be facing up to help the person slide onto the board. Try to keep the board as level as possible and be sure to lock any wheel chairs in place first. Help the person to get onto the board then assist them as they slide across it in short movements. We highly recommend using the Gait Belt in conjunction with this board to help assist moving the person. Be sure the person is dry to avoid any friction while transferring.

Always consult a trained professional if you have any questions about using a transfer board. Only attempt using if you have been properly trained.

Tapered Ends
Tapered Ends Help Provide Smooth Transfer & Board Release

Integrated Handles
Integrated Handles Ensure Stability for Both Caregiver and Patient

Smooth Surface
Smooth Surface Helps Maintain Consistent Transfer with Minimum Friction


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