Seat Assist - Chair Lift And Sofa Stand Assist - Portable Lifting Seat For Dementia Elderly Seniors

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When you have arthritis, or when you are inconvenienced by age, you probably know how this simple movement (from sitting to standing) becomes difficult. But chairs aids may help eliminate some of the stress and strain on your joints when you go from sit to stand.
  • INCREASE YOUR MOBILITY. Contains (1) Seat Assist portable lifting seat and chair assist. For increased mobility in the home or anywhere. This portable seat lift is lightweight (only 9 pounds) and has a built-in carry handle.

  • WORKS ON MOST ARMCHAIRS, COUCHES, AND SOFAS. Use inside or outside the home on most armchairs and sofas. The standing aid is portable so you can also take it on the go. 

  • SELF POWERED. A lift assistance device for elderly, handicap, or disabled that is also self-powered. The hydro-pneumatic gas spring in the chair lift releases slowly as the user begins to stand, no batteries needed.

  • COMFORTABLE SEAT. The lift seat is very comfortable. The 100% polyester cover is machine washable & the polyurethane foam cushion is easy to care for.

Product Description——Stay Active And Independent

What Are Lifting Seats?
Lifting Seats keep you active and independent. Electrically powered and self-powered versions provide the right level of assistance based on your individual needs.
Automatic lift seat chairs elderly seat riser lifter assist stand lifting cushion sofa
Who Can Benefit From Lifting Seats?
Those who are able to safely walk on their own, with or without a walking aid, and once standing are active at home or in the community.

How Are Lifting Seats Different?
Lifting Seats are unique products that help you get up from your chair. These portable sit-to-stand assistive devices use Levelift Technology that gently curves the seat to lift you safely on a level plane without pushing you forward.

Lifting Seats are best suited for those with light to moderate difficulty standing up on their own from a seated position, often due to arthritis, neuromuscular, diabetic, cardiovascular or orthopedic conditions.
Automatic lift seat chairs elderly seat riser lifter assist stand lifting cushion sofa

Portable Self-powered Models

  • Safe lift assistance of up to 70% of your body-weight up to 350 lbs.
  • Adjustable weight ranges for custom support that can be used on most armchairs or sofas
  • For indoor or outdoor use, since they use no batteries or electricity

Portable Electric Models

  • Gentle, lift for those up to 300 lbs.
  • Can be used on most armchairs or sofas
  • Easy-to-operate and can be stopped at any height

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