Recliner Lever Extender for the Elderly | Oversized Handle & Secure with Ergonomic Curve Grip | Fit for Easy Chair Recliner Handles

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Many recliner models position the handles in a position that is difficult to reach for many users, often being too low, short or close to the side of the furniture. Another problem is that they simply require too much force to actuate the reclining action of the furniture because of the short handles. The Recliner Lever Extender is an extended handle for recliners that places the recliner handle within easy reach.People who have difficulty reaching or pulling the recliner handle will find this extension handle easy to attach. 

  • Oversized handle puts recliner lever within easy reach
  • Large curve grip provides leverage to make raising & lowering
    leg rest easier
  • Padded design to protect chair handle
  • No additional tools required for installation
  • Matches look and feel of your home

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Recliner Lever Extender

For those with mobility challenges, reaching a recliner handle can be a tough task. We has created a simple and unique solution that makes using your recliner easy again. The Lever Extender puts the handle within easy reach while adding leverage to raise and lower the leg rest.It is made with heavy duty steel so you can buy in confidence knowing it will last a lifetime. It's time to put your recliner handle back in reach.
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Product description

  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Length: 9"
  • Width: 7"

Ergonomic Grip

The Lever Extender has an ergonomic curved grip. This makes grasping and using the Extender comfortable and easy.

Easy Installation

The Lever Extender comes with all the hardware and tools you need for installation. No additional tools required.

High Quality Secure Fit
The Extender is made of heavy duty steel with a powder-coated finish.The padded design protects the chair handle.

Solid steel with a soft grip handle and padded interior protects the handle of the chair. The Lever Extender's easy adjustment and secure fit works with all types of recliners. No assembly required, tool included for placement.Durable - Made of heavy duty steel.
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