Dementia Alzheimer’s Seniors Two Button Folding Walker 5-Inch Wheels

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If you are having problems walking, maintaining your balance, or have leg weakness from illness or injury, it might be time for crutches. If you are stumbling, almost falling, or actually falling when you walk, it’s DEFINITELY time for a cane, a walker, or crutches.
  • Comes with wheels and a vinyl contoured hand grip

  • Each side operates independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces and greater stability while standingEasy push-button mechanisms may be operated by fingers, palms or side of hand

  • Newly designed rear glide cap allows for walker to slide easily and smoothly over most surfaces

  • Sturdy 1 inch diameter aluminum construction ensures maximum strength while remaining lightweight

Product Specifications:

Overall Product Length : 17.5"

Overall Product Width : 24"

Overall Product Height : 32"

Actual Product Weight : 7.5 lbs

Product Weight Capacity : 350 lbs

Width Inside Back Legs: 20"

Inside Hand Grip Width: 17"

Adjustable Height: 32"-39"

Base Depth: 17.5"

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