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The TV remote is your connection to in-home entertainment. Television series, talk shows, news, movie, it’s all available at your fingertips with the press of a button. For seniors who have mobility issues and a low vision, their in-home entertainment is essential to aging in place. So if you have trouble moving or difficulty getting up and down, a remote is even more crucial for you. But you need the right kind of universal TV remote.

  • BEST SELLING JUMBO REMOTE - Flipper Remote is designed Senior Friendly with large color-coded tactile buttons for easy use. Only 3 functions: On/Off, Channel, Volume and Mute. It’s the perfect for gift for caregivers, elderly loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimer's or someone with low andimpaired vision.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH IR (Infra red) DEVICES - The only remote you’ll need for both your TV and Cable, or Satellite box. Works for all major IR (infra red) TVs and STB’s (Set Top Box) available on thee market like Arris, Motorola, Cisco, Pace, Directv. Two remotes combined into one to make your viewing experiencesimple and easy! (Make sure to Activate IR in Xfinity and Dish!)

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CONTENT - Easily program up to 25 of your favorite channels so you can get to the content you desire. Give your elderly family members the ability to take back control of their viewing experience.

  • PREVENT MISTAKES - Our special LOCK feature prevents accidental reprogramming. No more late night calls!

Product description
Are You or a Loved One Tired of Having Multiple Remotes, Searching Through Hundreds of Channels or Tiny Buttons That are Hard to Push and See?

Introducing the Flipper Remote!

The Flipper Remote is an easy to use large button universal remote made specifically for the elderly or partially sighted. It combines your TV and cable/satellite controls into one easy-to-use device.

✅ Hear what our Satisfied Customers Say about Flipper.

“I bought two of these for my 85 year old mother in-law. She lives 35 minutes away and was always calling that her TV wasn't working. We haven't had one call for TV help ever since we set up both of her TV's.” Carol Ashford

“We purchased this item to stop dear old mom from messing with all the wrong buttons! Although she is up there in years, accompanied with Alzheimer's she just couldn't be left alone with the original remote. This took care of that. Works great!” Tansy L

What Makes Flipper the Perfect Universal Remote For Elders ?

✅ Easy to Navigate - With 6 buttons that are large and color coded, it’s ideal users that are partially sighted or elderly. No more complex and clunky TV remotes.

✅ Quick and Easy Setup - Only takes 15 minutes to set up. The lock feature prevents anyone undoing all your hard work.

✅ Eliminates Useless Channels - The favorites function allows you to save up to 30 channels so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of channels you’ll never watch.

✅ 100% Customer Satisfaction - Here at Flipper, we proudly stand behind our product we are sure you wouldn’t want to return it.

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