Multiple Pill Splitter with Accurate Alignment & Sturdy Cutting Blade

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Multiple Pill Splitter with Accurate Pill Alignment, Sturdy Cutting Blade and Blade Guard, for Splitting and Quartering Round or Oblong Pills

  • Splits multiple pills in one operation.
  • For use with round or oblong pills.
  • Medical grade stainless steel cutting blade.
  • Blade guard protects fingers.

Product description
This device cuts numerous pills in half in one operation. Round or oblong pills are loaded between the spring loaded retainer bars. The cover, with integral cutting blade, is then replaced and pushed down to split all the pills all at once. A blade guard provides finger protection. The splitter will accommodate pills 5/32” (4mm) to ¾” (19mm). Not
for use with time-release or gelatin capsules.

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