Portable Travel Weekly Pill Organizer Case Box(3-Times-A-Day)

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Portable Travel Prescription & Medication Pill Case, Vitamin Fish Oil Compartments Container 
  • Being BPA-Free, our products are made of food-grade plastic and suitable for medical purpose.
  • The lid is always closed and won’t open automatically, to prevent pills from spilling out into your handbag.
  • The pill box is designed with seven colors to mark each day in a week respectively, thus to avoid mixing up.
  • Being convenient for you to carry pills during travels, it can hold the dose for a week with seven smaller containers enabling you to carry separately for sightseeing.

Product Description

Operating Instruction
Step 1

Open the shell box and take out the inner box

Step 2

Open the lid then pour out the pill

Step 3

Take the pill.

Say goodbye to take medicine disorderly
With the daily pill organizer, innovative design eliminates confusion, you are able to take medicines in harmony.
The only one you need to do is put the medicines into each space. The 7 day pill box that makes taking pills easier.

Easy to use
It's quite easy for the old to open the compartment and could secure your pills at the same time. No worries about unwanted dumpage of pills found by pets and kids for your slightest unintentional or incidental touch on the pill planer.

For Whom to Use?

  • Individuals with memory loss
  • Elderly people
  • When under multiple medications
  • To ensure, patient has taken or not taken medicine

Maintenance and Care

  1. Wash prior to first use.
  2. After first use, wash with mild soapy water.
  3. Dry before storing.

There is one step you need to pay attention, before you use it you'd better make your hands clean, some medicinal oil and sweat may caused the lettering coming off.

As with all medication storage devices, keep out of reach of children and pet.

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