Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser Washable & Hygienic Breath Measurement System with Handle

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  • This exerciser is meant for INHALATION (breathe in) exercise and measurement. It will work upside down if you Exhale. Made of good quality materials that last longer.

  • Can be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly- helps maintain bronchial hygiene and avoids infection

  • 3-balls Lung Exerciser inhaling breath measurement system. Helps in achieving maximal lung expansion and strengthening cough effort which helps in maintaining clear airways

  • Detailed instructions for Exercising, Calculation of Inspired Volume and Cleaning are provided.

  • Very effective in asthma and building stamina


easy grip.

Innovative design, can be dismantled into parts for cleaning & disinfection

Tube holder to hold flexible tube while not in use

Useful in restoring and maintaining lungs capacity of post operative ambulatory and COPD patients

Washable And Detachable

  • It is necessary to maintain hygiene while using this device, especially owing to the fact that you are recovering from an ailment.
  • This exerciser is easy to wash.
  • Innovative design, can be dis-assembled into parts for cleaning and removing infection.

Cleaning Instructions:-

  • Remove the corrugated tube and breathing connector from the transparent chamber.
  • Now, Turn the chamber upside down and pull the base upward direction to disassemble the transparent chamber.
       B for Blue- 600cc/sec. chamber
       Y for yellow- 900cc/sec. chamber     
       R for red- 1200cc/sec. chamber
  • Fix the corrugated tube and breathing connector to the transparent chamber.

Calculation of Inspired Volume

The 3 chambers have inhalation rates inscribed on them- 600, 900 and 1200 cc/sec. This means if the first ball is suspended in the air (not stuck to the top) for 1 second, inhalation is 600cc of air.

If the second ball is suspended in the air for 1 second, inhalation is additional 900cc of air and so on for all the 3 balls. (Totalling to 1500cc for 2 seconds)

If the third ball is suspended in the air for 1 second, inhalation is additional 1200cc of air.

Taking one second for each ball, total inhaled volume will be 2700cc or 2.7 liter. Inspiratory capacity for healthy adults is 2.4 liter to 3.5 liter, so this device is sufficiently designed to exercise as well as measure your breath.

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