Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support, Soft Gel Wrist Rest Cushion Pillow Ergonomic mousepad Mat with Non-slip Rubber Base(Gray)

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  • ❤This computer mouse wrist rest pad is made from High Quality Foam, Lightweight, Comfortable and Ergonomic! It is Durable and is Ideal for Longer Hours of Use
  • ❤Gel pillow matches natural curve of wrist and hand for comfortable scrolling and clicking.Ventilation channel helps keep hands cool and dry
  • ❤Its non-slip backing holds pad firmly in place to prevent slipping while it's being used.
  • ❤Mouse pad with gel wrist support, helps keep your wrist in a proper position and reduce pressure and pinching of the wrist, wrist pad make your mouse use more precise and comfortable.
  • ❤Made of improved super soft & smooth & breathable material and comfortable gel to the pads, our mouse pad gel supply lightweight, comfortable, durable and ergonomic touch, not easy to out of shape and Ideal for longer hours of use.

Details: When you spend long hours in your home office navigating forms, creating engaging presentations, or managing complex spreadsheets, you need a workspace that goes beyond being merely functional. the Duo Gel Mouse Pad combines a rigid base for fast and accurate mouse movement with a wrist rest that conforms to the natural contours of your hand and wrist to minimize pressure.
Gel Pillow
The soft structure molds to the natural curvature of your wrist, providing support and comfort while you work for a better productivity experience.
Ventilation Channel
Strategically designed to help keep your hands and wrists cooler and drier when scrolling and clicking for extended periods of time.
Soft Finish Makes it easy to wipe clean when it inevitably gets dirty from long hours working at your computer.