Super Absorbent Pad Disposable Commode Liner Fits Any Standard Commode Bucket or Commode Pail

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  • The gift of comfort and dignity

  • Premium Quality - The Liner is medical grade & leak resistant. Say goodbye to "value pack" liners that leak!

  • Unsurpassed Performance - The Liner is the most reviewed & highest rated commode liner for a reason Super Absorbent Technology - Converts up to 16oz of body fluids into a gel. No more mess!

  • Eliminate Odor - Upon properly sealing the liner, unpleasant odors are trapped and suppressed in the gel. Do not flush Better Together - For extra absorption, you may use an additional Gelmax Super Absorbent Pad (sold separately)


The gift of comfort and dignity

Makes life easier

Commode Liner allows you to use a bedside commode without having to clean the pail. Line the pail and once used pull the strings into a knot and throw away the liner in the trash.

As easy as it looks

Place the commode liner over the pail while the pre-inserted super absorbent pad lays flat at the bottom. After use, pull the drawstrings which close the liner, seal with a knot then throw away.

No need to flush

No need to flush as Liner eliminates spills and splashes and doesn't require you to clean the pail.

Dispose easily

After use, simply throw away the Line in the trash. Once tightly sealed, Carebag provides a mess free experience.

Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad
Your premium liner, for a seamless experience
Commode Liners are leak-resistant medical grade bags that will protect your bedside commode from being soiled during use.

Each Commode liner contains a unique super absorbent pad which will convert up to 16oz of body fluids into a gel in seconds! The jellified body waste will trap and eliminate odors upon sealing the liner.

Essential for Anyone Who Uses a Bedside Commode
Commode Liners feature a universal design & will fit any size commode bucket*.

No spills and splashes & never clean a commode pail again!

Your experience with your bedside will be tremendously improved: you don't have to dump the waste in the toilet, clean the pail or deal with odors.

High quality features to serve you best

A premium quality pad for premium absorption
The pre-inserted Super Absorbent Pad in each commode liner absorbs up to 450mL (16 oz) of body fluids, turning them into gel in a matter of seconds.

Take out a liner, it has a pre-inserted pad inside

The Commode Liners are ready to use right out of the box: simply unfold them and cover your pail, making sure that the pre-inserted pad is laying flat at the bottom of your pail.

A liner quality you can trust

The Commode liners result from 20 years of experience, research and development. The liners are 30% thicker than the leading generic brand as per a comparison study conducted on Dec 2017.

Originally designed for hospitals

The Commode Liners match the strict standard of the hospital industry and their strength guarantee you to avoid any leaks.

How does the Carebag Commode Liner work?
After setting up the Carebag Commode Liner over the pail the super absorbent pad will capture and contain any bodily liquid and convert it into a gel. This will significantly reduce odor, eliminate the chances of splashes or spills and will keep your commode pail clean! After use, seal the liner by following our quick & easy seal instructions below:

How do you seal the Carebag Commode Liner?
You can form an air-tight seal in 2 quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Gently pull the ties.
Step 2: Tie a knot around the liner using the ties.

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