Chin Supporting Travel Pillow- Support The Head, Neck, and Chin When Traveling and at Home, Fully Washable

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  • THE PILLOW is the only neck/head/chin pillow that stops the head from falling forward; the patented ergonomic shape provides all round comfort and support simultaneously to the head, neck, and chin without strings, buttons, or connectors

  • IDEAL FOR AIRPLANE FLIGHTS because it actually works; you can customize it for maximum comfort and quality napping while sitting in the aisle, middle, or window seat; EXCELLENT FOR ALL FORMS OF TRAVEL because it can help you get some rest and sleep in any sitting position in a car, train, or bus ride;

  • PERFECT FOR THE HOME as its ergonomic shape is crafted for relaxing and for pleasant sleeping while seated upright in the bed or on a couch; it is compact and easy to store;

  • EASY CARE AND CARRYING since it is durable and fully machine washable; it can be easily attached to luggage with a snap strap;


Are you looking for the most comfortable and supportive neck pillow available? Do you need a travel pillow that works?

This patented pillow provides the perfect support to the head, neck, and chin in any sitting position. The unique chin support feels naturally comfortable & stops the head from falling forward.

  • Special Booster Side Cushions stabilize the head from moving sideways. 
  • Its unique design fits any head size & neck length. 
  • Adjusts to any sitting position without needing buttons or connectors. 
  • Easy to carry, its snap strap attaches to luggage or a handbag. 
  • Soft & durable fabrics provide maximum comfort. 
  • It is fully machine washable for care & hygiene. 


  • Stops the Head from falling forward 
  • Allows Sleep & Relaxation in any sitting position 
  • Flexible & Adjustable for Maximum Comfort 
  • Fully Machine Washable for Easy Care 
  • Attaches to Luggage with a snap strap

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