Car Seat Back Protectors Luxury Kick Mat Seat Auto Back Seat Protector Covers 2 Pack

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Perfect Backseat Child Kick Guard Seat Saver


  • A MUST HAVE :This KICK MATS PROTECTS Your Seat From Muddy Little Feet with no worry about your child putting their feet up or kicking on the back of your front car seats. We offer Best Quality Made To A Very High Standard. Come in value pack of 2 black kick mat protec tors; so both driver and passenger seats can be protected.

  • Double layered fabric that will keep your Car Seats Clean even with the most active little feet in your car seat. And will instantly protect your upholstery or leather car seats from Scuff Marks, Moisture, and Dirty Footprints. The Kick Mats are water resistant, machine washable, or easy wipes clean that will give your Kick Mats a Super Long Life and Always Look Good.

  • With large maximum full coverage designed Kick Mats measuring 19" wide x 27" long (48cm x 68.5cm) the Kick Mats will cover and protect your whole seat with a snug fit, And will work with most vehicles seats.

  • Simple and Easy to Install, Takes less than a minute with the long enough adjustable top and bottom buckle straps. The bottom strap remains tucked under the seat back so the driver and passenger don't feel it. The Kick Mats will stay in place it won't slide off your car seat.

Details: Tired of your car seats getting dirty, muddy, and scratched? Does your child constantly leave dirt and marks on the back of your car seats that are impossible to remove? Need your car seat backs cleaner and a life easier? The lebogner 2 pack kick mat protectors is the answer no more endless washing and scrubbing trying to remove the dirt or spending money on a professional cleaning service lebogner kick mats are designed to keep the back of your vehicle's seats clean, even when your child touches them with muddy shoes. Benefits of buying the lebogner kick mat protectors. Customized design fits the entire back seat of most vehicles. Measuring 19" wide x 27" long. They fasten to the back of your seat with two attachment points at the top and bottom for a secure fit. Premium high-quality polyester material. Water-resistant, machine-washable fabric for easy care. Protect the back of your vehicle seats from dirt and liquids.