Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Kit, Toe Joint Pain Relief Aid for Men & Women

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  • ALLEVIATE BUNION STRESS: Bunion Corrector Splint with integrated aluminum plate will help realign your big toe joint and or slower the progression of misalignment. Along with supportive hook and loop strapping to supply strong yet gentle pressure on the Hallux Valgus. Ebook with Instructions Included.

  • REALIGNS & SUPPORTS TOES NATURALLY: Fully adjustable bunion splint, toe separators and a stretching strap to aid in separating, straightening, and strengthening your toes. This 9 Piece bunion care kit will gently help restore natural positioning of your toes while also reducing pressure, discomfort and friction for ultimate relief. Treat bunion, hammer toes, tailor's bunion, crooked toes, overlapping toes, and more!

  • PREMIUM & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: Made from High Quality Medical Grade Material. Lightweight and Breathable. Easy to Clean, Durable and Washable. Bunion splint made from skin-friendly terry/cotton cloth providing comfortable fit through day or night. Toe accessories made from Medical Grade gel and elastic fabric. Stretchable and irritation-free.

  • FLEXIBLE SIZE FITS MOST FEET: Fully Adjustable size (US 5-12) to provide a comfortable fit. Perfect toe protection and support. Kit can be used and worn all day. Bunion brace can be worn in bed as a night splint. Hook and loop strap to prevent slipping off.


Are you tired of suffering from bunions? Are your feet unappealing? 

Our Orthopedic bunion relief kit has the essentials to stop pain and help straighten your toe(s) gradually over time. Whether your main focus is on aiding your bunion, or realigning all of your toes, our kit has everything you need. Realign your toes slowly and improve your foot health day by day!

Product Features:

Alleviate bunion and foot pain

Realign your toes back to natural position

High quality Lightweight, breathable and washable material

One Size fits most feet (US 5-12) for Men and Women

Counter toe joint deformities

Gel toe separator can be worn in socks and shoes

Bunion Splint can be worn in bed as a night splint

Kit Includes:

2 Bunion Splints- Adjustable splint supports and protects big toe joint with built in aluminum plate. Slowly and gently aligns and or prevents misalignment.

2 Bunion Guard Toe Separators- Comfortable and soft gel material gently spaces and relieves pain, discomfort, pressure, and inflammation of the bunion. Perfect to wear with socks or shoes.

2 Toe Spacers- Effective solution for various deformities such as Hallux Valgus (bunion), hammer toes, crooked toes, turf toe and more. Helps realign and straighten toes.

2 Five Toe Dividers- Perfect for keeping all of your toes naturally aligned. Relieves friction and pressure between the little toes.

1 Exercise Stretch Strap- Place over your big toes and stretch away. Helps relieve pain, loosen big toe joint and strengthen your big toes back to alignment.

Ebook with Instructions Included


Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.8 x 1.0 inches

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